Friday, September 3, 2010

Myfantasies.com ;D

COSTUMIEEE we crushed on!
we explored, we tried on, and we even camwhorez.
*snoooorez* =P
Michelle is planning to organise a Halloween & her bday party all in that halloween night :\
and so, she wanna get herself a real cutieee costume.
then we actually saw this little costume shop just right around our college area.
so, guess what?
we're in, no doubt! :]
their costumes are more to sexy type i guess, cuz oh well?
and it's not expensive tooo, BUY it with the price of around rm60 - rm150.
is that cheap or still expensive? i'm not quite sure though..

*ignore our faces okay, cuz we just finished our classes! *peace*

minnie mouse and geisha.
oh i love this geisha one soo much, but its too big for me ='(

hohoho, santa baby is here.

isn't this sweeeeet? but still, it's slightly loose -.-
this x'mas dress is nice too, but it's too long for me :(

omg this is cutee like little girls!
both halloween sweeets
this bee costume is really cute isnt it?
but it just dont come with the BEE's accesories! >.>
like what michelle said. hahaha!
the bee & sailor girls
seriously i love this Sailor costume soo freaking muchhhh!
it's really beautiful, but it's just way tooo sexy.
but of course have to add something in it laa.
overall this is Malaysia. *excuses*
so i cant show what was i wearing.

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