Monday, July 27, 2009

birthdayys :)

happy sweeet 17th birthday to :
- yong cheng yee =)

- wai hoe =)

have fun & friends forever ~

p/s: dun have pics ah =x

Sunday, July 26, 2009

25/7/09- pond's bday party=)


xian & harn

e-lin & ling

shu pei & junior

chicken + ubi + jagung

alvin & genee (he purposely geh--)

jia wei & xuan

joo & xian

xian. joo. mervin

junior, alvin & kim eng enjoying ~

jason with his chicken wings

harn & wai hoe

the gang's pic

xander, jason, harn

all busy barbeque-ing chicken ~

nice pic jasonn !XD

all enjoyed barbeque-ing chicken

joo with the lil pooh

harn & xuan. (harn drunk jo?) =x

=O alvin and ning. haha (playing) xD

lol zha douuu~ haha

lol ><

poor pond's little pooh =X
the cam-whores X)

aiyoyo, im not ready yet larrr~ haha=x

xian & genee ~

xian, alvin & genee ~

birthday girl; pond, me and alvin .

genee, shupei =)

Ning & Genee with pooh^^v -uhm, xuan's drunk?(not) haha=)

Xian, Genee & Xuan :)

genee & the birthday girl, pond!! =D

wanna act evil but failed xD

genee, xuan .

2am still cam-whoring xD

with our towels :p

hahaha. roll on floor laughing X)

1pm still sleeping xD ( so tired sia)

"the nerdies studyingg" hahaha lmao xD

and now, vain in the toilet. muahahaha X)

hantu genee and so poh xuan :P

aiyahh, we're vains. hmm, no offence ;)
pond's party was fun.
hope she enjoyed her party =D
went yamcha after party at around 11+
then few of 'em went home earlier ..
yam til around 12am
before all of us san cheong, we sang pond a birthday song at NKS =)
everyone looking at us, but nvm lahh, who cares X)
after that, xuan overnight at my place
wooots, we've been camwhoring til 3am only feel sleepy =x
then only we off the light, jumped up to bed and start to snooorez XD
hahahaha (x
lastly, wish my darling pond a happy sweeeet seventeen birthday^^
i lurve u always :D
Hugs & Kisses :)

p/s: joo is the photographer of the party pics ~