Friday, May 29, 2009

smk sri hartamas =]

"26/5/09 "

went hartamas schl after my exam .
and woot. when im there , they still having exams =x
sry for disturbing ! :p
its been more than half a year i left hartamas schl
when im back, everything has changed .
and im lost in finding the classes. lol =.="
hmm. its a good choice, but weird though @@"
good luck for exams my friendss :D

pondok .

the view, same with smkbsd1 @@"

inside pondok =X

same ? =x

road from canteen and dewan terbuka :D

dewan terbuka & canteen .

dewan's floor .
p/s: i cant take pics everywhere. so many ppl looking at me o.o"

Sunday, May 24, 2009




EUJOE; a new friend of mine.
funny, silly, naughty and crazy :p
hmm, older by a year dy, be good boy la .
dun always busy kao lui ~

- been living in a different emotions almost everyday .
- but still always tried to shoo away my dull life & get a happy life .
* for my always moody friend, dun always get mixed emotions easily.

'similarities create friendship's while differences hold them together. besides, emotions are always surrounding us. and sometimes, we just let them get into our way. if we can learn how to control & share them with someone we cared, then we had learned how to accept ourselves in a new way .'

* mark in ur mind :) *

the kiwi ice kacang or smtg like that? haha yummy! its fulled of vit C ?=]

the chinese exam paper .

" The Pearl " , english literature .

english exam paper .

i just heart the sky =D

wooot ! see the effects, nice right? :D its not edited.

view from my room . aww, see the lovely clouds :)

the houses .

my house garden .

house plants .

Friday, May 8, 2009

8/5/09 .

T - O - D - A - Y :
- not feeling very well.
- had to stay back after schl for the malacca trip projects.
- went to peyhorng's hse to do projects, but got kicked out cuz shes rushing for her tuition. And then we went hongwang's house to continue. haha.
- played hongwang's computer. got cs, gunbound, red alert and o2jam eh ! OMGG :D
- kok wai kena hongwang zat say he will lose to me in red alert. hahaha!
- then kok wai em song jor. ended up fight for his right and won me =.= apa la i noob okay. ><"
- wanna dl o2 mania tooo :D
- Joo played guitar and sang. HAHA~
- Rin took a video of he singing and playing. muakaka.!
- video will be found in youtube. :)
- went home around 7pm.
- went art class at 8pm.

and now, im feeling dead. soo soooo tireddd~ x(

here's his video !
sorry if its hard to seee, i dont know how to rotate it, my bad. =x
enjoy it !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

1/5/2009 ><

whats up with ytd ?
- rolled up to ou with luke, ryan, glen and shanice :)
- went to watch "coming soon" x(
- met alot of friends there.
- hp almost lost inside the cinema ><
- the scene we looking for my hp are exactly SAME in the movie =O
- whole day stunned after watched the movie @@
- yamcha at hartamas with them.
- camwhoring in ou :P
- steamboat at home.

nothing much to tell, but mind is fulled of the scene of all of us finding for my hp ><
and now im gonna say, ANTI CINEMA for now.! X_X