Tuesday, April 27, 2010

part of my college (;

okayyy, allow me to start this post with all the lovely pictures we took in college (:
hmm.. wont say much here but i think im getting used to this college life
perhaps? teehee :)
and urghhhhh, i feel its so suck when i see the advertising principle lessons x(
that's like the bored-est among all :'(
the lecturer is good and experienced, so i dontwanna dissapoint him though he is soooo supaa bored :X
heeee, support me! :P
here's some pictures we took in college.
and they're all my new girlfriends except Miss Deirdre XP

a very very very cute lil weird thgy drawn by Deirdre :)

and guess what? i found so many korean video clips
in the computer when im having my computer graphic class! :D

visual communication? and its..
B-I-G to the BANG!

and lastly..
heres me, Deirdre, Deseree & Holiday :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

ftw x=

few days ago, i complaint about my neck.
its pain and a lil bengkak?
but i dont know whats it, and it really hurts! D:
everyone doubted it was mump..
but just now i went to the doctor..
and she said its just the muscle pain. -.- !!
then gave me few types of medicines.
the muscle relieving one, painkillers and etc*
rm40 in total :o
well, its not even a mump, its just.. muscle pain.
but why is it bloooody pain? ToT
urghhh, ftw!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


eotteoke eotteoke?!
i think im super insane this month
heartache! *sobbbb* D:
aaaaahh! i must be crazy. -.-
i forgotten to save for college and shopping :'O
an dwaeeeeeeeeeeeee~
i feel so tuuuuut broke right now

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

famous A-mos ;x

okay, let me introduce everyone this guy..
Amos Choon.S.O, my doctor aka bff aka pro-HSL aka dei.
hahhaaaaahaha xD
and yeah, igotinfluencedbyhim.
dei here dei there,
tamil here tamil there -.-
lol, blame this dei laa.

* P.R.O.V.E *
its DISEASE la (X
see la ur dei disease, teruk 9 9!
and u cant run away one laa.
itsyou, and only you this-unpredictable-pro-hsl, famous-amos.!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


people always said..
" When there is LOVE, there is LIFE . "
and yeahhh, i agreed.
Do you agree as well?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

webcam marathon.

okay okayy~
as u can see the title, its webcam MARATHON.
and yeah, this is my couzy, Phyllis (:
shes mah-supaa-babeh-biatch.
and sorry for our lameness and childish-ness :D
we will get a life, just not now X)

* e.n.d *

Monday, April 12, 2010


basically the orientation is fun :]
i met few new friends there
thanks to Ning also xD
the talks were dead bored!.. esp the "canon" ones >:o
lol :s
then uhm, the library is quite awesome :)
but! its kinda small. huhuh~ *dissapointed*
and ohh!
Ning & I get to know few of our "super cute" seniors :]
and their style! HAHAHAHA ..
reminded both of us of Alvin and Kim Eng (X
and basically theres nothing really much to blog about.
the classes are bright enough for everyone to study
the foods there are uhm, no comment though :x
suddenly Ning & I realised something..
our college is surrounded by clubs & pubs! lol?
but they had the restaurants combined together also laaa
so, not bad not bad also =p
allright, till then~
will update soon :DD
ciao ciao xD

Saturday, April 10, 2010

U.T day :O

alllright! as u can see the title of this post,
its U.T day.
and so-called, Undang Test day. lol :)
so, hell yeah
the night before, i was so damn friggin' nervous and scared
it really freaked me alot, i guess eh?
im not quite sure though, oopss xD
but so far as i concerned, i've been doing the CD and study the 500ques book during my midnight time?
midnight online is always "my-daily-routine". x)
the worst thing was, just bcause of this i never get to sleep at all==
i stayed up till 6.30am summore.
then got myself changed, breakfast then headed to the centre dy D:
and yeah, i was a lil late. hhahaha :x
i wont blog about the waitings, and some stupid stuffs.
so, cut the craps.
cuz i feel so stupid blogging abt it :o
sorrrry peeps :p
oh! last but not least, i met 1 of my hartamas biatch there.
*these pics below are taken after test* :)

i've must been really lucky for not failing it==

and okay!
this is my ex-schoolmate, Wan Farah.
BUT! i dun call her Farah though.
we had nicknames for each other~
shes Dumb Dumb & i'm Lame Lame.
hahaha how dumb and lame were the names.
but awww, its been a year since i last met her.
see, the "dumb & lame" were fated to meet each other there (:
and, i misssed her so much :]
shes my Friggin-Mean-DumbDumb-Biatch ..
though she DONT look like one! X)

yupp, ignore my stupid faces.
ignore my undead faces too!
thankyou ~
p/s: today i drove Jason's car like so so so so so sloww.
yalaaa, thanks to the Ara's "bumpers" & holes -.-
well well~
" hendak jadi seorang pemandu yang 'berhemat'? "
okayy. IM COMING, on my way. (:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'insomnia-curve' essay =3

AHERMS! this post is gonna be a long long post.
so if ure not ready, just ALT+F4 :)
last night was the worst insomnia ever i guess eh?
i went offline around 4.30am, force myself to sleeep.
BUT! i couldnt even close my eyes.
my eyes are blinking non-stop? =.=
aiyooooo, why is it so hard for me to get to sleep again?
please dont tell me my damn insomnia is back~ D';
noooooooooooooooo an dwae! X[
okayyy and finally i get to forced myself to sleep around 6am
then around 11+am..
that was while i was having my sweet sweet dreams..
*ring ring*
Kok Wai calling me!
" hello? "
" hiiii! wanna go OU for movie!? we're going soon :D "
" WHAT? aiyo nvm laa. im soo freakin' sleeepy laa. next time can ar? :DD "
" u sure ah? Shu Pei got go wor~ ure not alone xD "
" hahha nevermind laaa, u guys enjoy! im already half dead "
" ohh okay lohh then, nevermind laa. next time ah~ "
" okay okay buhbyeeee. hehehehehehe "
" aite aite` buhbyeee! "
hehehe finally, the nightmare was over. LOL
and i continued my dreams ;)
butthen suddenly again, my aunt came to my room
" geneeee! pls follow me go buy some stuffs! :) "
" *(!^&#!%#!*&#^!)(@# .... OMGGGG! T.T "
okay lohh, i pui her :)
cannot blame her geh, cuz shes singaporean maa
duno anywhere around KL
so, yeah =)
sadly was the sweet dreams just ended in that few hours x.x
damn saddd weihhh, but its okay.
once in a blue moon. lmao.
so, today's a ikano-curve day`
and yeah, finally im there!
i was craving for something laaa
and only there have maaa, so.. bo bian loh xD
below are all random pics, AS USUAL! X)

and zomgg? im-so-petite-ed.!
but who cares? thats me xP
later on, both of us went Dome.
craving for the.. sofa seats laa.
tired dy X]

as u can see, im shooting everywhere and as much random pics as possible.
dun blame, my hands are a lil itchy that time D:
:P :P
after that, went metrojaya's -- LANCOME.
my aunt was craving for eyeshadows.
and ended up buying shining pink & gray?
awww, imma so ready to steal and use it xxD
and she said, OKAY!
so cutee laaa both of us.


home-room-toilet C:
and oh!
i tried something new today!
its bow hair!
and look, its so obvious that i FAILED.
it wasnt as easy, and it wasnt that hard.
maybe cuz my hair are layered, thats why harder laaa.
need more "bobby-pinssss" x.x
YESH, imma try and try again till i suceed.
gimmme some times sweeeties xD

any comment for it?
i knew its cacat-ed.
but its still okay to comment it xP
AITE` my essay is FINALLY DONE.!
*sign off*