Wednesday, September 29, 2010

dance trial.

tried out my very 1st dance class in this Sole to Soul dance studio at Taman Sea.
its pretty near to my college, cheap(DUH!), and also they have Korean Mtv classes!
YEAH, that's my purpose!
SO, that is why u can see me taking the class SO FARRRRRRR away from BSD, hehe.
1st class was pretty awesome, kinda "make friends" with the teacher, Mr.Kido.
got "scolded" by him quite pretty much though, aww 1st time la teacher, FIRST! :)

Genee with the 2 sisters, Chloe & Shih Yian ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I wanna watch SHINee, Big Bang, Girl's Generation, ZE:A, FT.Island and 1 more i forgotten who, SORRY! ._.

and now, currently, just waiting for ZE:A's manager to reply back my boss's email.
i've been waiting for almost 3 weeks, dang u peeps for kept me praying every minutes and seconds!
HEY U MANAGER! just reply my boss la okay.
the "little girl" here can't wait laa!
EISH! >:(

Oh please, please, please :(

Saturday, September 25, 2010

more of Yume.

Nomore writing, let 'em all speak ;)

Yishern & me.

NOW, more of Yume's products!

ohh i'm definately loving this!
this is the, bomb?

foolin' around again, sigh :P

custom made necklaces!

wanna buy some for ur doggie?

Harry Potter girl version!

i totally want this necklace.
it costs around RM300+
oh dang.

Cheers! ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

my part-time.

Today was my 1st day working in Yume Jewelry!
the jewelries are really, HOLYGAWD pretty :)
majority of them i meant. teeheee.
anyone looking for Silver or pure white gold jewelries?
come look for me at Yume Jewelry!
it's located at Solaris Dutamas ;D

it's all natural, confirmed no fake ya.

visit the web to check out everything about Yume.
click the link below! :)

" Every jewelry brings a different story. (: "

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mooncake festival.

Happy Mooncake festival everyone!
light the lanterns, burn the candles and start walking around! ;D
haha, celebrate the most awesome mooncake festival day everyone!

p/s: i just celebrated the most lifeless mooncake festival day!
eeeek ftw! grrr.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Marketing tutorial.

this post i def got nothing to say.
pictures can tell everything, im serious.
2nd sem is just soooo tuut up, grrr :(

that was like a game, write ur friend's name there and write the list abt what u wanna do to her.
and look! HAHAHA chloe wong is so dead :D

sighhh, chloe is being lame in a boring class :\

everyone is def not paying attention, alot of them actually BBM-ing each other too. HAHAHA



hahaha, noone is listening to Miss May-Gan.
i really pity her la, but its really-tooo-super-duper boring!
i'm sorrry.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Immaturity just keeps me young.
like DUH!
grrr :))

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I don't work, like what ya see :p

Early early in the morning have to wake up and prepare to help out in the shop.
but it's not much work to do in shop, cuz the staffs there are working so i'm kinda free, NO. i should say, SUPER FREEEEEEEEE till i started to rottttttt! >_>
i need a part time job, like yeah i know i wont get enough of rest or what but, its better for me i guess.
i can earn spare money and uhm, spend time working with my collegues instead of rotting at home.
about the assignments and all, HMM we shall see :)
before u start to see my stupid lame pics, read this 1st pic carefully ok?
like, example .. * Yun Nam * <<>
everyone know that "THAT HAIR SHOP" is not helping, so. sigh, yeah.
if ur family or whoever have hair or scalp problem, FEEL FREE TO LOOK FOR ME AITE?
i wont bite, like i dont have hair prob.
come on, WHO DON'T? its NORMAL anyways! :)


which one are u? :P

after taking all these, i found some webcam effects!
and then i turned to ..

AHAA i know that 2 pics are a little FTW :)

I believe i can FLYYYYYYYY~

"Ure dead u *TUUUUUT* x) "

NYAHAHHA, im black ZOMG.

ROTTING in the shop, someone should rescue me :(
alaaamak, camwhore again la since i have nothing better to do.

look at my fat and ugly face. okay i never slp much.
feel the suffer ppl T___T
EWW wth?!


Michelle: "WHAT THE HECK? =O "

Michelle: "okay fine whatever :P " *peace*
its ur turn, mich the ewww alien! :P

our ending pose, FAILED.
signing out, off to Genting!
GOHTONG JAYA, here i comeeee!
better serve me yum yum food ;)
*peace '. 'v