Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy 22nd, Mynjayz!

so it was Mynjayz a.k.a Jason Ong's 22nd birthday which was held at Paradox Art Cafe, Bandar Utama. as you can see, he booked the whole bistro! dayummmm! (Y) haha.
not forgotten to say that i went to his birthday party with Eunice, Lance & Chutipond.
oh yes guys look! so dai pai he got his own poster too lol #LIKEABOSS

that fellow gotta entertain millions of people that night so all of us decided to just sit there and play around until he find us. meantime, we kill time with this and free flow tiger beer!
it was so crazy that almost everyone of us kept hitting the "RIGHTSIDE 2 GLASSES or worse, SELF 1 GLASS " -______-
peace out with le friends :D
somehow after we drank, i have no idea why we ended up a dare from all of them asking the girls to give Jason a cheek-kiss. loooooool.
everyone was so high, so as the drunkard birthday boy. Eunice & I was struggling so badly lulz!

it was a happening night tho. well all happy things so no worries haha :p
oh and yes! met Nelson too :D
our first selca :D
met Felix ferdinand. he drank coke/water for the whole night tho. he said no beer for him. so potong stim!
met the other guys too!
Aaron, Felix, yours truly, Bryan, Hong Sang & Josh.
guess who i met after that? It's Jeremy from Red.FM tsk tsk.
funniest thing was eunice and i was walking to him and idk how eunice tripped and accidentally touches jeremy's back and he turned around and shouted " WHO SMACK MY ASS!? " so i assumed that eunice actually ter-smacked his ass? ._. hahahahahahha.
all of us went LOOOOLLLZ in mind but reality we just acted like nothing happened :x i was so smart that i changed the topic and he didn't bother anymore lol hahahaha sorry jeremy, eunice didn't want to. but tell us, Y U SO ADORABLE!
Aaron & Sam Insanity.
this fellow was so drunk that he hugs every single person he saw! aigooo
managed to took pictures with him like finally -_-
i don't know if this is odd but i made him smile with his braces. haha sexy braces ftw!

Anyway, thanks mynjayz for inviting me :) hope you had fun that night!
happy belated 22nd birthday again & we all love you!