Friday, March 26, 2010

IACT college ?!

hey peeeps!
this will be the college im gonna study in the next 2.5 years :D
its IACT college =)
anyone studying there?
pm me if ure xD

iact college is inside there laa. duno which corner dy xD

inside iact BOX OFFICE. hahahahah

PALEMAN. ftw D: =X

awww, look at WALL-E ! so cuteee.
teehee xD

awards-awards .

hmmm, not bad laaa right?
i haven see the whole college yet.
not even the classrooms.
but i doubt it'll be nice :p weeeee
the fooods there are not all cheap though
make me feel like im back working in hartamas?! X'O

this is my new hair :))
yeahh, shorter fringe.
and i totally regrettedd -.-||
p/s: my hair's supposed to be red, but i guess when i brighter up the pic, the hair colour changed too?
hahhha paiiseh laa xD

Monday, March 22, 2010

M.O hotel, Plenary Hall, Tom Jones Concert day :D

hmm okiee, im not saying much here.
too tired to, and also not much to say maa xD
i spent 1 month selling Tom Jones's tickets at Hartamas Shopping Centre.
it was first very very boring and tiring
but as long as u do, it became more and more stress, BUT its interesting and fun tough :X
the fooods there are blooody expensive ==||
so our manager will always dapao us fooood before we all turn pokai xD
thats sooo kind of her :)
come to think of it ..
we've been through the hard times together
we've been through the fun times together
we've been through the boring times together
we've been through the crazy moments together too
got stalker stalked us, we kap zai, we ignored customers, we ignored phone calls .. etc~
think back, the happy moments will never last.
awwwww, im missing it right now! :'O
aitee` cut that part !
"to be continued :P "
lets see the pictures below :D
its from M.O hotel to Plenary Hall to Tom Jones Concert ! :D
other pics are not uploaded yet, as im sooo damn freeakin lazy to upload everything :P
sorrrryy. gomen. mianhae! teeeheee! :P

DreamTeam & Tom Jones ! :D

KL City Centre :)

view from my hotel room =O

we had our dinner in the hotel room
the service was okay, but the fooods were not that goood
and guess how much?!
its like RM 280+ for the whole table's foods !
its crazy right? i knew i knew.
but no choice, we're hungry, and we're not the one whos gonna pay ..
so, who cares? XP
after that, vain pictures arrived ! xD

In Plenary Hall :)

In the Plenary Hall; concert night :D

look at the people! soo many human heads.
we're all sooo proud !
we did it, it was wonderful and successful !
yeepee! ;)

Shirley/ Rose with me & the stage :)
Tom Jones's concert was great, i recorded some part too :P
below below are the pics & videos! ;D

thats all i guess =X
hmmmm, enjoy the post?
sorry if theres too much rubbish and nonsence xD
*sign off*

Thursday, March 11, 2010


im sorry, boy.
i knew i stabbed ur heart wif a knife.
i knew i hurt you too much, too deep.
the pain u feel, the wound i cut wouldnt cure so easily.
same goes to me.
but its impossible for me to see u hurt any longer.
i dont know how to explain all these.
but at least you knew why i choose to be like this, right?
was it my wrong to start this relationship?
am i supposed to be blamed for hurting you so much?
i know i am, imsorrry. chongmal mianhae.
im sure ure scared and depressed to listen to all these each time i mentioned about topic like this.
but i cant hold it any longer.
cuz i dont wanna see you ended up like the last time's genee ng.
it doesnt mean i dont wanna protect this love.
you know i want to.
but just, i couldnt do it.
u know both of us cannot tahan the pain.
im doing this for our own good.
i dont wanna see u worry everynight.
i dont wanna see myself crying everynight.
the pain kills.
im sorry, really really sorry..
i hope u can forgive me.
thanks for all the sweet memories you gave me.
i'll rmb every little thing u did for me :)
i appreciated it alot.
alot alot and alot ..
i hope, youwontfoundsomeonelikemeanymore.
takecare :')

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OU vainess.

today went ou with gy, merv & jason :)
then half way met chengyee.
hang around in ou for almost a day?! - -
i know its crazy, but we seriously got nothing better to do.
then we went to watch Paris Love :D
front part was really ganass~
we thought we went to the wrong room :X
not bad laaaa, thumbs up for it :)
after watched it dy, guys ....
she might be a terrorist!
pics below were taken in Original Fake ~
too free dy, no jokes:P

can u see?

genee, chengyee & ginyen :D

my guard, mr. yaoyao!

my dadee, mervin chin JUN HO.

part of michael jackson's family.

we lost to the models for posing. rofl~
p/s: more pics in gy's phone xO
and and, paiiseh!
ginyen & me were effing bored in the fitting room.