Saturday, March 3, 2012

MIA? not :P

HELLOOOO GUYS! i knew it's been too long since i last blogged. oh well, been working too much till i used all my free time to rest! or catch up with my friends? :p hahaha. anyways! how is everyone of you out there? :) p/s: i'm not mia kay. and please continue reading my entries. nuuuu, don't make me a loner hereeee T___T

i was really busy and lazy to update my blog till i drafted this post since the 3rd of march till now the 17th! le sighh. time is flying too much fast, no?
time now is 3.30am, and so i'm gonna take 10 mins to finish this and hit the sack :p
by the way, this is gonna be another random yet boring photo-blogpost heh.
it's all from the past to recent's :)!

A new Funny Crew family photo! not all of them are there but least we can change a new family dp LUUUL.

and fml, i still look so tanned!
one more!
tried grasshoppers. they tasted sooo good om nom nommmm!
had all of these myself. first time trying the thai beers!

our chauffeur's car!!!
watched the ladyboys! surprisingly they weren't pretty. AT ALL. wtff.
bangkok's white tiger's temple? or something like that. couldn't remember much :x
and they're too cute to resist!
joined the first bloggers lou sang :D

also had the Funny Crew 2D1N trip to malacca !
my bitch and i. we were both.. tipsy LOL.
slow but fun night ;)
met up my funniest babe from ns, Penny :)
and also the fellow ns babess, all the pro singers!
went sepang for some Nestle work..
dressing like this. HAHAHAHA i know i know. you may laugh your ass out :/
the accessories was damn heavy too. almost got my neck twisted lolwtff
attended SYA CNY Charity and met a lots of famous bloggers and peoples :)
and camwhored after the event. hahahaha.
Junior's farewell with Funny Crew
finally get to try the Vietnamese home platter. taste too good!
got myself new feather earrings and jeans!

tho there's not much of the updates but that's how i pulled it through my busy time working for my mom and aunt :/

college is starting in 2 weeks time. SOOOO EXCITED!
who's taking Performing Arts in Sunway college? :D