Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmassss two thousand eleven;

Merry Christmas to the world!
forget about my Part 1 celebration at Sanctuary, Curve cause it really suck big time.
1st time there with my couzies but it already gave me a bad thought about it. #ftl
music was really bad, so as the environment. AHH I MISS GOING TO ZOUK! :x
guess if you start entering Zouk, you will not consider the other clubs anymore :/ no joke!

ANYWAYS! left Sanctuary with my couzies and asked them to drop me off at Ecobar, PJ Trade Center to meet up my lovelies for the second round. which is Part 2?! :P
get to chill and play around with them are so much better than shaking your head at Sanctuary man.
Sanctuary, Y U NO PLAY NICE MUSICS!? it's really irritating though. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
oh this was taken when we're about to leave. LOL.
Nan Tien? :)

; why are the photos looking so weird anyways?
looks like it's all squeezed! :s
Waihoe; okay he was hella tipsy that night. but still can drive ah. NOT BAD! (Y)
Wen Li
Mervin, Genee, Derrick
Mervin & the fuckingdrunk Jason. :P
Mervin & Wen Li

went home after like an hour or 2 and we saw this guy puking like mad at the Sri Damansara toll. took out my cam and snapped! OOPSS, got flash and he looked back at us. LOLOL #phailed

and then, he continues puking. hahah.
jason says, MERRY X'MAS!
and so are we :)!

Cheers :D

Part 3's gonna be a X'mas dinner with the family!
Turkey with red wine. YAY!
Kenny chopping the watermelons
Uncle Benny with his homemade mushroom soup. NYAMS!
My hot hot grandfather! HE'S SO ADORABLE RIGHT! :D

since it's only a normal x'mas dinner.. we basically had mushroom soups, fruits,
Garlic breads,
Potato Herbs! (Y)
Fried pumpkin,
Chicken Wings,
Turkey slices! ,
Fried spaghetti with olives and veges,
Mini hot dogs,
with A-cat? A-cha? or whatever the name is. THIS IS HEAVEN!
and ETC! :)
naw just by looking at it now makes me hungry again.
then camwhored with this crazy cousin of mine, Michelle Ng :P
p/s: tell her she looks young. she'll go insane running around with diapers. ROFLMAO.
Kenny & Alexandra. the sweety couples :P
Posing #LikeALouSai !

Oh no, wait people. there're still part 4 but photos aren't with me so yeah :(
couldn't blog about it. but that's okay, least i've blogged about my Christmas!
it's not something big but i really love enjoying like this. moments with family & friends are really precious.
HOW ABOUT YOU? :D do tell me about it. am keen to listen! :)

your truly,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My PLKN life ain't bored after all.

Think everyone knows that i'm going for the National Service for 3 months, and so, my beloved FC gang actually gave me a farewell for it. BUT, surprise #failed. but that's okay, hahhhahah. i still love it :D THANKYOU LOVES!

not much of the talkings, guess my blog actually turned into a photo diary or something? LOLOL :P
take selca before i enter the omgcreepy camp.
met my new friends!
also, 31 babes in a dorm!

the entire camp actually celebrated my birthday! LOL
also, my loves who came all over to Rawang and visit me :P
somehow i feel like a boss. HAHAHAH.
everyone's acting #LIKEABOSS too. HAHA.

my bitch for life!

my soul mate in dorm, Qing En (:

Alvin! look how tanned i went -__-
Wans! (:

I also had a lot a lot and a lot of memories and things that i would never experienced outside the camp.
bare foot standing in a bus ;
turned into ma lai po's ;
building the M16 by myself.
AND ETC ETC.. too much to list lah. lol.
the most sampat friend ever, Penny Tan. our lousai in dorm!
shooting range woot woot!

we also shoot like a lou sai.

good times we had. (Y)
Cikgu Jue a.k.a JULIANAAAA. our dorm jurulatih :)
she's really bad at camwhoring though. LOL

this is just a part of it when it comes to charging the damn phones !

that's how we eat. i know we look jakun but no choices :(
oh you saw my name in the mirror? 8-)
our camp performed for the 1 Malaysia project thingy too.
it was fun though :D
surprised birthday cakes from the loves!
SO HAPPY YET UGLY. oh whatever.
omgggg i really can't tahan the fishman at the back!
he's ruining all of our photos! EEEK
tomboy wannabe, Jia Jia :)
really love subway when i got out from the camp.
OH! we have holidays yaw (Y) teehee!
just look at the styles we have here. hahahhah.

cute and soft teacher!

Jia Jia & Natelie!

1st time being a nyonya. :D
demo kinda failed. my head's half hanging out there ROFL.
guess i'm the only one who got this. TROLOLOL.
and this is what you do if you have no time to memorize the damn lyrics.
Zaidi, one of the cute guys in camp.
this was itchy more than pain!
yes, i had a bad accident in the camp too. :(

captain with his little car.

my "kaki" in camp.
we're sexy and we knew it! FUH.
our awesome penghulu (:
my kl girls! (;

and also cikgu shade. she's really beautiful and young.
post her picture here since she said i'm beautiful.

to whom who got selected for National Service, yes, it's really bored and stupid but trust me, you won't wanna go home when it comes to the last day. things will be hard for the 1st few weeks but as long as you enjoy with your friends, time will fly like a G6. Just shut the fark up and enjoy that 3 months cause you know you will never get to escape it. teehee. :)

sincerely, yours truly :B