Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wingardium Leviosa !!

Yo yo yo whattuppp people it's Genee in the house. :D (like my new talking style? LOL)

hahaha. so anyways, today i'm going to blog about someone you wouldn't expect to be seeing in my blog. so, let me put it this way.

we've a special guest! GUESS WHO?

okie okie this is a blog, not a tv show. i know i know, don't ruin the moment please! :p
i'm sure that you're curious about who i'm talking about.

*drum rolls*


it's Zlwin Chew :) I'm not quite sure if you ever heard of him, but well, everything has it's first time so yeah, i'm proud to be the one introducing him to you guys. :D :D

Well here are some basic infos about this guy. he's male , and yea. that's about it.

Zlwin is a magician based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. His interest in magic started off during the early childhood days when his father used to bring his family for magic shows. However, he only got serious in learning the Art of Magic when he saw his friend performing some close-up magic to him many years ago. Since then he was determined to learn and taught himself magic from a few sources. It was only the beginning.

and he's currently working for Kuala Lumpur's most prestigious and recognized club, Zouk KL, as their Resident Magician. He came into the clubbing scene bringing magic - a whole new and radical idea in Malaysia. Currently, he is the only magician holding a residence in a club in the whole of Kuala Lumpur.

Being familiar with the clubbing environment, he is able to incorporate magic very well into his stints at night. Performing magic in crowded areas with low lightings and very loud music is no stranger to Zlwin.

He is able to capture his audience's attention quickly and blow them off with his effects - leaving them with a clubbing experience they will never forget.


I copied it from his Facebook profile, BUT YA.

I mean who can actually explain about oneself better than the person itself? :p

DO YOU GUYS NOT LOVE MAGIC? i mean, who doesn't? :o

I've always wished that I could fly on the flying carpet in Aladdin, and fly around like Criss Angel? XD oh come on it's like the coolest thing ever! :P

this fellow here has the skills, the style and definitely the swag! and

if i have a "DREAM MAGIC SPELL" or something like that, i would like to have the spell to turn people into frog. LOL! XD

okieee i'm sorry to be sorta off topic a little. *clear throats*

Thought I doubt Zlwin could turn a human into a frog (not that i know. MAYBE HE CAN. I DON'T KNOW D:) his set of skills is definitely admirable.

BTW check out this video! i think it's really cool tho. like, seriously. hahaha.

He's the kind of person you would definitely want in your party, it's freaking entertaining don'tcha think so? :)

OH BTW GUYS! he's currently in Australia for an one month magic tour. So don't forget to catch his in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast k! :)

go talk to him and see if he can turn you into a frog!

http://www.facebook.com/zlwinchew ,

http://zlwinchew.blogspot.com/ ,

http://www.zlwinmagic.com/ ,

https://twitter.com/#!/ZlwinChew !

yours truly,



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NyX @ Vertigo !

Finally it's the Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NyX night! which means it's time to see the awesome new stuff that Hennessy newly launched! :D
the event started at 8.30pm but I reached there around 9.30pm. was working and jams everywhere :(
damn sad cause i found out that i actually missed the front part! especially the performances huhuhu T.T sad. but that's okay, at least i still get to taste the new liquor hehe dayummm!

anyways! din't take much photos tho. 2 photos below were taken from Samuel Chew :D
registration counter !
TADAA the beautiful bottles that i was talking about! hehe
it's really beautiful isn't it? :)
took a selca with Pondy before we start rocking the night. heh.
DJ Blink party rock with us that night too!
the dance floor. pretty lightings right? how i wish i have that in my room too aww :p
the crowds! no this is only a part of them. the whole vertigo was so crowded can dai! :s

and then we met the fellow bloggers! ♥
yours truly, Jackie, Pondy and Kah Mon
oh and also the guy in the middle, Simon!
Ken !
Elwyn !
Henry !
Shii Teck, Shirley and i don't know who's that beside me :X omg i'm so sorry!

we really had a lot of fun that night tho. but because it was too crowded, many of them started leaving the place. vertigo was half empty after 12 or 1 i can't remember well. partly was because it was on a thursday night and a lot of them have to work on the next day? but anyhoo, a lot of working people stayed up till late too! haha. Pondy and i were about to leave too when it's around 1 plus? cause our blogger friends left early too. a lot of them have to work and some have other dates. and then, it left just both of us stoning at the bar. then we decided to get out and walk around and see who's still there?

and when we're about to leave, met this bouncer guy called Naim. he asked us not to leave so early then gave us some free drinks coupons to redeem them at the bar counter. okay since we were bored and there're free drinks, why not? :)
guess what's this?
there the Naim guy i said. thankyou dude for the drinks!
and some other friendly bouncers. haha.

i stood there for quite some time and try to see how they mix the liquor.
it's really fun tho. i wanna have a real bar at home too. i wanna mix my own drinks! :(
but no one really drinks at home. so maybe next time? huhuhuuu

after that, we joined Jason and his friends :]
Pondy & Jason
yours truly & Jason. omg he looks like my bro right? hahahahaaha.

and then we also met ..
DEBRA the sexay lady for the night.
was laughing away so photo failed.
nevermind, here's the second one with flash !
Debra & Pondy

danced around with all of them at the dance floor and we had great night chit chatting :)
also, took a pic with the "leng chai" first before we left Vertigo.
Pondy, Jason & the LENG CHAI! LOL

oh yeahhh me and the leng chai agagagagagaa.
see both of us damn matching right!
we're both purple and we glow. trolol! :p

ANYWAYS! i'm ending this post with this picture :D

Thankyou Hennessy for this amazing event. though i missed the front part but least i still get to drink and enjoy with the leng chai. hahahaha. i'm looking forward for your events! :D teeheee


Monday, January 2, 2012

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NYX Launch!

I'm back again :D this time is to shout out a really awesome thing to all of you out there!
GUESS WHAT? Hennessy Malaysia is back as they're launching their privilege collection NYX! EXCITED? :)

okay imma just do a short post about this aite.

Okie basically, NyX means goddess of nights and dreams.
And not forgotten, their amazing bottle that amazed me..
I was told that this privilege collection will actually glow in the dark. YES, believe or not?!
and everyone will eventually get to hold and drink them. they're all platinum bottle with QR codes :)

okay okay, now straight to the point cause i've got not much energy left to blog lolwtf sorry :(

SO! this is what you have to do to win the passes!
just click ( Hennessy Malaysia ) , look for the word Hennessy NyX on the left, click on it and follow whatever the instructions asked you too. THAT'S ALL!

simple right? whatchu whatchuuu waiting for then?

ALSO. Information for this event/party!
05.01.12 (Thursday) ;
8.30PM ;
East Atrium Entrance Centre Court Mid Valley (In front of Coffee Bean) !

Guys and girls, if you can, dress yourself ultra violet, white or whatever that matches the bottle k? let's all illuminate the night woohooo!

before i end this post, let me just show you guys this super awesome vid of it.

Any question please feel free to ask me via twitter @geneebites !
Goodnight! (;

yours truly,