Saturday, January 30, 2010

my yesterday xO

today, shupei, kokwai, joo & me went to watch "woohoo".
hahahaha, its practically funny and a lil touching also laa. lol
its a nice movie laa from malaysia. LOL :3

after movie, we went poh chuan centre to see YL's art.
this is what she did .

her and herself. hahaaa :)
then went alvin's house hang out.
they play mahjong, i sleeep :3
beh tahan~ haha.

around 6pm, we headed to lili's house .

his myvi became like this bcuz of his smart move -__________-

see la how he tell his story.. ~''~
after visiting lili, kokwai fetched xuan & me to the clinic.
doctor gave me some injections and took out my horrible toe nail ~
he summore asked me whether i wanna keep for memories or not? =__________=
he said majority of the ppl will keep it. but, thats a no way for me man.
its sooo disgussting & dirty maaa. who will wanna keep it weih?
hahaha best part is, i made xuan fainted -.-
sorrrry ya xuan! i din knoww ure serious laa.
besides i asked u not to see the doctor to pull the nail out right?
aiyoyo, u never listen ="=
anyways, its over dy laaaa. dun think about it dy :D
after the horrible nightmare in the clinic, we went home and get ready to go mamak again.
with my friends ;) heeeee.

peopless! nah nah nah.
here's the new geneetoe look :)
geneetoe without toenail but with bandage.

this is so much better looking then the before rite?
but, its still sooo painful ~
imagine ure walking with a toe without toenail ..
ohhh myy ..
SAKIT GILER~ x____________x

Thursday, January 28, 2010


1st of all, thanks for those who wanna bully my oh-my-poor-little-toe ~
u guys suck xD muahahahha
and thanks for those who cared for my littletoe :)
u guys rawks ;P
>tseyau : thanks babeeee for praying for my pity toe. lurveyaaaaa :)
nah tseyau, i put u in my blog like what u've asked me to xD
>phyllis : thanks for making such awesome blog header for meeeeeeee, i love u like gila xD
AND . . .

the teh tarik boy.
hahhha thanks for ruining my day ~
continue u guy's melcy kut teh.

ohmylittletoes ft H.U ;3

my poor little toe :'(
got some little accident.
" infection already laa ", says the doctor.
and he suggested to just pull the nail out.
or else, eat the painkillers?
but i guess pull it out better huh?
i haven shop for my cny clothes!
its all because of this, arghhhh T.T
toe, this saturday will be ur day :)
after that, ure gonna be fine. just fine?
ohhh, please pray for my little toe 8D
teeeeheeeeeeeee :p
this was BEFORE .
and this is AFTER .
1 bengkak 1 normal. horrible -.-
that yellow thing, antiseptic cream laa. haa.


went ou watched haunted universities with ginyen, guorong and chengyong.
oh well, i dun comment much about it.
so peoples, just watch lah urself :P

the tickets, grrr!

cant say is not scary but still, scary laa! x(

our boss, mr.chengyong :)

our brother, mr.guorong :)

cheeers haunted universities =3


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

smart reader kids.

smart reader kids centre ~

banyak orang, banyak stuffy inside X.X

phyllis :P

genee :P

camwhore :DDDDDDDDDD

the few days without-sleep-look -.-

sorry, we both look undeads!

=O i forgot their names. heeeeeeeee :X

sea ming toh, the prettiest girl in the school :P

my fav boy in the whole school xD
p/s: lazy talk much laaaa. :P

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 & 2010.

okayy, this is gonna be a long blog i think.
so, if ure not patient..
u can just ignore it :X
mm hmmm, 2009 is already over.
lets welcome 2010 with a big smilee ~:D
i usually celebrated and countdown with my family at home,
but this was the 1st time i went countdown with bunch of friends.
well, i met my hartamas friends there too
mmm, not bad not bad! :P
the fireworks was nice but wasnt cool =X
repeating the same thing onlyy, every year SAMEEEEEEE nia-.-
looks like our government is either poor or .. selfish? =O
hahhahah well forget it ~"~
that night was also the first night that i went home at 3am without any calls from parents xxD
shiiiokkk betul x) ngek ngekk~
~my 2 thousand and nine~
come to think of it, time flies really fast ..
still remembered on the 1st day at smkbsd2
at tapak perhimpunan, i was alone and dint know where to go.
kinda scaryy though. that feels like im totally lost in the mall .
after that, YL and peyhorng came to me and WOOOH
" RELIEF! " xD heeeee.
i had my great times in school
and i seriously appreciated it alots !
thanks to all my dearly and lovely friends~!
gomawo chingu ya! ;D
think back now, im really touched ..
the times i spent with my friends are fulled with lovely memories
though i always hang with different gangs 0.0
hheheehehe ~"~
mee kerh's gang were all nice to me
they treated me like a sister
helped me whenever i falled into deep shits.
thanks for solving problems for me
and im very grateful to all of you :D
YL's gang was fun to hang with too
they always come up with all kinds of funny jokes
that can actually entertains peoples xD
the best moments i spent with them was the drama practise
awwww, so funny and cute laaa.
i just hope we could all involve ourselfs in the drama section again.
hahahahahaha x]
not forgotten, the kiara's gang! ;)
they're all very lovely and caring
that makes me wanna stay under a roof with them all day and night
though i always hang with them?
well, i dont wanna describe every of them cuz im kinda lazyy now xP
sorrrry laaaa. sick dy maa- -
but but, u guys seriously gave me unforgettable memories~:]
im grateful for having others too!
not forgotten, my bsd1 friends laa :DDDDDDD
esp the suprises they gave in tuition.
hahahaha damn cutee sia :)
now everyone start to get themselves jobs and some are going to colleges dyy
i can hardly meet them all together again :(
but anyways, wish every of you best of luck in everything! ^^
i love you guys, saranghae! <33
and and dont forget me! xxxxD
tell me when ure backk okayy!
i missssed u so damn freaking muchhh ;D
p/s: why is everyone sick now?
aww, i wished someone could make me honey lime.