Tuesday, April 28, 2009

roasted me :(

im too tired to write a long blog today
but still, gonna write what happened .
tuesday's class usually ends at 2.30pm
but the ms lee nvr let us out on time
and so, we only get to get out of the class at around 3pm
when i got out the schl, i nvr see my grandfather nor neighbour there ~
i was wondering whether do they still rmb me staying in schl ?
hahhaa. and so, jia sin borrowed her phone to me to phone my grandpa
but guessed what, home and my grandpa nvr return my call x__x
noone is gonna ans the phone i guessed -.-
then i walked home alone lohh --
woooow, none of u can imagine how hot is the sun at 3pm !
i walked from bsd2 to my home gate without any SHADES.
and also, im half roasted, sweating & screaming for help on the way home.
walked half way, almost fainted there too
plus those indians wew-ing there~ OMG, they're too free izit ? =="
sobz, the heatness of the sun could have killed me~ urghh -.-"
i just hope superman will appear to save me, but ended up ntg happens -.- lol.
and finally reached home at 3.40pm.
weew, finally im out of the sunlight and the heatness !
*a-lle-lu-yah! what a relief* xP
once i've reached home, immediately had a bad headache and also whole body were heating like the foods in the microwave >< its killing me !!
wooooooh~ x[

okie, im done here :) tireddddddd laa =x
and oopss ! i din realise my blog is again LONG.
hahaha sowieeee :p

- dun walk home esp hot days. (u may faint)
- im not independent. thats why i said is lonely =X

im OUT of here.
love & hugs :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

swimm :)

last night i slept at 4am and woke up at 9.30 to get prepared for tuition at 10.
weew, it was really damnnn tiring and sleeeepy .
u guys might ask/scold me for staying up late
but all i can say is, i was rushing my maths tuition work ><
in the progress, im also in msn chatting wif bunches of ppl, and thats why =X
my fault, haha :p
but even if its late, im okay with it. its not my 1st time ma :) hehe.
and oh! thx chengyee also for helping me out wif my maths work in the middle of the night
haha i appreciated it :) THANKS !
besides, also thanks joe and junior for entertaining me when im almost found dead in my work..
heart u guys :)
today went to my club to swim. at uhm, subang old airport ?
yeah is far, but at least its nearer than my previous hse :D
oh! when im in club also can became camwhore XD
no blames no blames, wahahhaa XD
and yeah, thats the end of today.
soo tired to continue x)
p/s: new pics will upload soon, MAYBE. xD
here are them ! :)

club in subang :)

camwhoring in club XD

Monday, April 20, 2009

global warming? :X

last few days, i've made a new friend :D
who? uhm. is a lovely genuine sweety named mei shen.
and yeah, shes really sweeeet! ;P

well, today was fun too. :)
went to my twinee, xuan's house for science revision after schl
but we both were chit-chatting instead of studyingg afterall
we just, have tooo much to chat about :P
looool x)

went to her house around 4pm and back at 7pm.
wew the weather was extremely hot, GLOBAL WARMING !!
i almost MELTED !
its true ! x(

how i wish malaysia could SNOW one day.
commmon, pls grant my wish! :(

well, today was extremely tired and sleepy too.
xuan and i were sms-ing each other in the middle of the night
as we both were attacked by insomnias -.-
then both silly twinees texted each other until 3am only they tried to get some slp for schl on the next day.
AND so! they went to schl wif A KILO of EYEBAGS =O=
imagine it, esp me! i looked so super duper horrible with them ><
arghhh, someone pls save the eyebags. haha~

okayyyy. im gonna stop here :)
update ma bloogiie soon
bye and take care everyone. :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

today :)

well welll :)
what's up with today ?
hmm. lets seeee :D

wake up. wash up. rolled up. HARTAMAS ! :D
i was late for my expectation =___=
thought i could get a chance to meet my friends but failed to suceed -.-
but is ok i guess, cuz im still gonna go back on the next week
so, no worrrrriessss :)

after that went 1u with mee kerh, cuz she teman me ma :)
p/s: INDEPENDENT, is my super weakness x(

went home around 4.30pm
cuz legs are found, DEAD @@"
it hurts too, the skin !!!
haha haha haha --"
night time when i online, saw dou pond.
find her chat :)
the two 38s chat till half, suddenly talked about our same point jo.
what point? hmmm, SECRET :)
wuwuwu, when talk about it, the tears are gonna booost out like pipe jo.
nvm pond, we kesian each other ba =(

awhile later, another 38 online dy.
who ar? hmm, fatty joe<--called by pond. hahaha~
this 2 fellows really
aiyoyo, can create world war II already lerr @@
but still, happy to chat with them :)
cuz always get alot of silly and funny jokes .
so those ppl who're sad, go find them
they'll entertain u more than u expected. XD


Sunday, April 12, 2009

about her.

always thought that she was equipped with talents,
but instead she was the opposite.
so, is she a loser ?
hmm. idk.
still findin the right answer .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

比赛. 成绩. 原因.

说是什么 pertandingan Tic Tac Toe 
呵呵, 听起来还真可爱的. 感觉上好像童年玩的游戏呢。 哈哈:P
在bilik maths 的时候, 看着每个人认真又搞笑的表情。。
真的让我回想起童年的时候。 现在想来, 还真怀念呢 !
帮完老师后, 我也跟美洁一起玩了。
我是觉得很口爱, 很过瘾啦。

今天上完 perdagangan后, 不懂谁就来把成绩表给贴上板。
过了不久, wai keat 就飞过来告诉我, 说我是第一名。
当时的我, 听了也没反应 ><
就是想, 最后一班的第一名, 其实一点也不光荣. 反而是很容易拿到的.
之前也有好多人来问我, 成绩中等但为何在tanjung班呢。?
好的, 现在就让我再重复一次好了。

我呢, 在去年年尾就填那转校的表格了。
我很清楚的告诉我学校的秘书, 我将要转的是。。 SMKBSD2
但她却尽然帮我打错, 打到去 BSD1--
而且我也很白痴, 尽然没看到他打错了, 就飞着去jabatan排队==
我过后也有再去jabatan 问可不可以换
工作人员说不能, 因为不是他们的错。
炸到 !==!
后来, 我和妈妈就去了BSD2一趟, 赌一睹看有机会转到吗
BSD2的校长, 也允许了我在BSD2 上课,
但是! 目前只能在最后一班, 因为其他班都没位了。
我没办法, 因为真的不想去BSD1, 就答应了校长。
所以, 我现在才会在 TANJUNG班。

朋友们, 现在终于知道为何了吧 ?

p/s: 华语不好, 错了莫怪 ! =P


Monday, April 6, 2009

uhm. haha:)

hey people :)
sorry for kept u guys waiting :p
some of you already started to rush me around -.-
and now, yeah
i'll simply write one then since u guys were so desperate for it XP
uhm uhmmm.
my life, still same. no difference :]
but i really like the schl rules !
at least, they dun always sportcheck like my damn previous schl do
it really sucks. trust me =)

well well, now im the setiausaha of the chinese club thgy o.o"
idk whos the one who choosen me, but yeah
im really shocked when i heard that.
cause of..MANY WORKS o.o''
hahaha lmao =x
and is only for tempo, so. RELAX-ING. =P

as time passed by. i din realize is been already the 4th month in smkbsd2.
time always flies fast like jet -.-
and now, im starting to miss those freaks from my schl :(


we dont contact much like we did before anymore.
everyone is been studying like shit for darn spm.
well, no blames but good luckk ! :)

SPM. spm. SPM.
i think theres another 6 more months to SPM.
and im wondering how much more i needa study like shit for it
GODDD, pls help me with ur power.
lol =/

alll right then
i think i'll just stop here :]
im a lil busy and lazy right now :P
hope to update my bloggie soooooooon