Tuesday, August 30, 2011

outta control.

Hi wanjie, if you're reading this, yeah just wanna wish you happy belated birthday again! haha.
and sorry for posting all these photos up as it should be private-ed. heheheh :B

anyways, that beautiful cake on top is an vodka cake or something like that. crap, i can't remember what's the name :/ sorry my bad! but seriously, guess that's like the best cake i've ever eat. it tasted so good! well, maybe there's alcohol in it :/ lolol
all of us surprised him by celebrating his 19th in his house when he actually told one of us that he's heading to bed real soon. hahahaha i just can't stop laughing at this epic expressions when he saw us in his house though. too bad there's no vid or else i'd post it up here!

meet joseph loh the sexy friend from canada!
oh, and also this biatch of mine. that's her significant pose anyways :p

so, after an hour or two, everyone just went like that ..
oh but still can pose for camera, not bad!

well.. not much to say cause we're all posers anyways. heheheheh! (Y)

till then,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Need help over here !

Hola folks! so, here's something that my friend, Elaine wants me to help and i'm posting this here and hope everyone are willing to help her out :)!

so before i get this "essay" started, let me give you a definition of Amoeba Team !

Amoeba Team is a Non-Profit Organization youth development platform which empowers young people by instilling positive C.A.T.A. (Caring, Appraisal, Teamwork, Appreciation) culture through executing events/projects in 4 spectrums (Learning, Community, Leisure, Career) thus contributing to the society in a multiplier effect :D


C.A.T.A CAMP is organized by Amoeba Team :D It is a youth and community development camp gathering young activist to enhance and grow together thus creating positive impact to the society in a multiplier effect.

- Engage in Community & Social Development
- Enhance Personal Development Embrace C.A.T.A Practice FOCUS POINT
- Every participant who attends C.A.T.A Camp will be sponsoring ¼ of a teenager from the community children home to attend the camp.

Caring Appraisal Teamwork Appreciation.

Participation Fees: RM190 (RM40 will be channel on sponsoring the children to the camp.)

anyone wants to join? please help RT or pass around!

anything can contact Elaine Loo here !
and thankyou everyone for spending your precious time reading this. cheers :D


Monday, August 22, 2011


Hi guys! not emo-ing today la so no worries :D heheheh.

anyways, i am sure YOU loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee photography right?
check out the photos below (:

how's it? nice right? :D i don't know what kind of feeling am i having right now but i'm sure you can feel me too. some of them is kinda sentimental thou!

hehee oh and also! Do me a favor, please please visit this awesome page first before you leave my blogpage kay?

here's the link! http://www.facebook.com/ricephoto :D :D :D

this guy's Jeremy Choy. i can say he is awesome just the way he is. i mean, look at his photos :) !

thankyouuu you awesome peoples!

Sunday, August 21, 2011





Wednesday, August 10, 2011


SO.. HI GUYS! it's been quite awhile since i last update my bloggie again right :P :P
hahahaah so here's the sneak peak of the week! :D
Went to Guiness Arthurs Day @ Sunway Giza. Thanks my awesome babe Yeeing for the invites! (;
the photographer asked us to laugh and be natural. and HAHAHA LOOK! it actually came out quite well huh?
and then, TREASURE HUNT @ the whole Subang area thanks to Yeeing, Herain, Dindran & Shannon for this tiring yet fun treasure hunt for free :D LOLOL
our mission is to finish the Wasabi biscuits in the fastest time :( luckily Pond & mine wasn't spicy LOL pheww.
this is how all of them look like. AHHAHAA
mission accomplished ;D
we did not get to win but it was hella fun thing to do on that particular day :)

OH OH OH! *warning* below photo are dangerous. please be prepared :D

im still happy even though im fat. who cares ;)

and lastly, finally got to meet my awesome granny, Lisa Teh!
1st time going up to Skybar @ Traders Hotel, KL LOL!

AND! the best thing ever ..

flaming lamboghini! :D

okay, sneak peak's done. time for some dramas now. BYE! TEEHEE


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gong Cha !!

1st time trying out Gong Cha @ the Garden's Mall today. and i have to admit that this is really gooood. LIKE SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHATIME WTF.

somehow Chatime do give me bad memories too. Tried my 1st Chatime at Time Square's booth and it suck badly. pui pui puii not nice one leh seriously. maybe that fella never make it properly. BOO YOU BUGGAR! :/

plus i think i would spend on Gong Cha more than Chatime :x tee hee.
never get to try this. can't wait to sluurrp it all up when i was taking photos of them. lolol
My mum's Milk Coffee with less ice & only 30% of sugar.
not bad, can try! :)
Lemon Juice with Aiyu & White Pearl :D

the Signature Winter Melon Milk Tea? wait i kinda forgot the name of this wtf :x
anyways because black pearls were all sold off so yea, only white pearls are available.
but omomomo white pearls are awesome too. (if you love to chew) :D

for those who haven't try Gong Cha, please do. trust me you'll cry HAHAHHA


Monday, August 1, 2011

View Rooftop Bar @ G.Tower (:

so this event was held at the View Rooftop Bar @ G tower, Kuala Lumpur on July 16 if i'm not mistaken.
thanks Henry Lee a.k.a Clever Munkey for inviting us both to the event. it was superbly awesome (:

oh and also, thanks Lifestyleasia.com for the photo above. and woow, just by looking at my fat cheeks reminded me of my Form 2 times. geez!

we went there like so late so only managed to take this photo.
mini sandwiches! guess this's the best to take compared to the others. hahaha.
the view from top! i'm afraid to look down though. so scary can dai.
OH this was taken after the event. yeah yeah yeah, we camwhore wherever we go :B

P/S: CAN YOU SEE MY DOG AT THE BACK OF THE GATE? HAHAHA it's my dog la don't scared :x

we kinda scared of taking photos in the car though. plus it's soooooo late! 12-1am. scariest time.

anyways, there're more photos but guess it's not out yet. haven check yet so lazy. hahahahhahahhahaaaaa -.-

p/s: goodbye July, oh August please be good to me. and Sept, COME QUICKLY! i can't wait for NS though. yes, seriously i can't wait. so excited fooh! :D