Friday, May 27, 2011

2AM in Malaysia 2011 :)

- click on the photo to see it clearer. (: -

Hello 2AM Autograph passes, Showcase passes & the yummy Albums. meheheheh ;)
peace = 2 = 2AM.
aw we love 2AM :)
some last minute things we did haha!
*my hand*
*Lisa's hands*
welcome to Malaysia, oppa :)

introduction for the Autograph Session :D

Seul Ong; i was shocked when i see him live. din't know he look that lil different in TV! at least he look cuteee here, :P
the fans
autograph session starts!
both of us sat aside and chill, Lisa's complaining alot of her heels -.-
nearer look to the stage :]
aw Jinwoon you looked so tired :(
*after the session, we fell so deeply in love. haha!
forever Jinwoon biased, saranghaeyo oppa. DAEBAK :)
*2AM fever! haha gosh i cant smile properly lol! *
still fangirl-ing them though it's over hahahahahaha.
Saint o' Clock Album, must buy the SPECIAL EDITION!
*drools drools drools* :D

& ON THE Next day; SHOWCASE Day. :)
*lining up* was way at the back, thought we're the last though. *phew
when we enter the hall :]


& this is one of the part where the host said we're gonna give the boys a birthday suprises :D

oh yes, indeed suprises. okay i can see Jinwoon love the angry bird a lot. look at the way he hugged it, omgosh. hahaha so cute! and Changmin's expression is really indescribable when he receives the mug, lol!

After that, they continued with the gaming sessions..

apparently i only start recording after Jinwoon did his "pose".
mm sorry peeps, cuz i was concentrating and focusing him, tsk tsk! X) X)
love this part, Seul Ong oh Seul Ong i wanna bite you can i.


im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous
im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous im so jealous

the girls are just too lucky! i was late to get the tix though, ughh so fail la me!
or else i'll be there!! HAHAHA just kidding, no offense. BIASED. :P
damn the girl who flash her stick at the wrong timing, zzz! :(

" Naega jal jal jal motasseo.. " *singing along* :D

my all time fav song, " I Did Wrong" !
and my fav performance among all too because finally they're moving around in that big big stage yaw. hahaha.

the last song before they end the showcase.

if only if we were that close to the stage, :(

LASTLY, brought to you by me!

get to record down this not-awesome vid after i came out from the showcase hall.
THEY'RE FAST THOUGH. it's only 15mins after the showcase end! ._.

2AM's Autograph Session & Showcase was fawesome, esp the autograph part. aw i still remember the way they looked and talked to me. u'll melt in no seconds, no joke. Especially when you meet Jinwoon & Seul Ong. Let's hope they'll visit Malaysia soon again! :)

P/S: BY THE WAY.. yeah you see i fan girl a lot. getting real crazy and mad over it but aw let me do it for just this day, i don't do this everyday. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. kthxbye :P

geneehearts, xx

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is Tattoo?

Hello people! :)
Have any of you guys ever thought what a tattoo is?

for me, yesh! i always wanna know what is it. especially the pain and process, ._.
that's cause one of my friend actually just finished his tattoo course and was telling me what is tattoo all about.

well, for me, a tattoo is like a design on the skin that can be either permanent or non-permanent. Those non permanents are called temporary tattoos(used to do that very often when i was younger, hahaha)

As im sure everyone of you knows that permanent tattoos are made with tattoo needles right? Well he told me that these needles are attached to needle bars that can punctures the skin at 40 to 5,000 times a minute.. of course, only the professionals know how deep to pierce the skin to create a permanent line. if the needles go too deep, it'll cause EXTRA pain on the tattoo itself.. BUT! of course if the needles arent going deep enough, it will result in scratchy lines. TRUE! xD

so i was asking him how long will a tattoo takes? then he answered me it all depends on the design of the tattoo. if it's big then of course it'll take a longer time. okay i know thats common sense but, sometimes when i watch LA Ink on tv, they do it real fast! like.. REALLY FAST ._. okay whatever, hahaha.

so, there are people saying that having a tattoo will cause you a bad health? or maybe, the RISK?
yeah man! there are health risks that are attached of course, in order to get a tattoo. They are "tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis B and C" , that's what he told me! :O therefore, the needles need to be sterilized after each use by using proper sterilizing equipment. SO GUYS, please ask ur friend or the tattoo artist to check PROPERLY 1st before doing anything on you, LOL! :x

aihh, there's too much to talk about tattoo.
a lot of people says that tattoo is bad. useless and blah blah blah.
but look! i've seen a lot of people with cute tattoos!
who says tattoo must be TIGER? DRAGONS? PHOENIX? EVILS? SKULLS? nehhhh.. who said so?
we can't blame people who did those though, that's their body. up to their choices.
A tattoo can mean alot to a person.
hey even my sis had a tattoo! A super big Koil fish at the side of her body.
represents charms, lucks or money? im unsure about it, heh.

BUT ALSO! of course im not asking/encouraging any of you to get a tattoo.
just doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea of the word, "Tattoo".
will talk more about it next time. hehe.
oh btw, google pic about Tattoo, and u'll know what i mean!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tiger Asian Music festival - Se7en :)

SO.. im here to talk a lil about this amazing guy below, Se7en :)
i admit i don't really listen to his music but his latest album really caught my ears and eyes. especially his track hitz like "I'm Going Crazy" and "Better Together". really love both of the songs! *thumbs up*

so anyways, i'll let the pictures talk. imma rest for awhile, hahahhhaa *peace* :P :P
when he comes up on stage, woohoo!
he's shining! omo so handsome LOL
digital bounce with Se7en!
love this part :) like robots, hahaha.
he was just standing right infront of my eyes ._.
no zoom, NO ZOOM. I SWEAR! GAH *drools*
he can be funny at times though he's almost 30.
at least he beats Simon D! DUH lmao! :P
okay, his last song, last pose.

sadly to say that he never eye contact my camera ._.

but anyhoo, still wanna say that.
Se7en rocks the festival and he's definately AWESOME!

saranghaeyo oppa!
daebak :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Asian Music Festival 2011 @MIECC, The Mines.

SO! The biggest Asian Music festival is here! yay x1
what's gonna be in it? mm let's see.
25 artistes, yay x3
from 7 diff nations, yay x4
all gonna appear in this one and only festival, yay x5 ! :D

hehe sounds cool huh? yes, indeed it's something cool & awesome.
so wait no more, let me get this post started. but also, let the pictures do the talking! :)
the picture above is taken before the festival started. (in media zone)
the funny emcees!
not the exact amount of people who attended but oh well, still looking not-bad :P
this group of dancers did the introduction for the festival. :)
the 1st performer, Rosevelt.

somehow idk why this girl here would dress like this to perform, IN A CONCERT? somemore it's a big festival like this WTF? EPIC PHAILED!
fineee, chillax 1st everyone. anyways look!
this is how near am i with the stage!
next is Will Ng. well i would say he need to work harder if he wanna be popular.
somehow his vocals aren't that good though :X
sorry if i offended the fans here, din't want to. just some advices? :O

after him was 24Herbs. allright, i would say 24herbs really rocked the whole festival for that moment. they're awesome shyts yaw! hahahaha. i think i've fall in love with them. they're cool!
"when we say 24, you say Herbs! "
high high!
somehow i felt this guy looks like Pitbull. anyone agree with me?
and also, this blonde hair guy too. haha he's powerful! fighting!
ahhh look, he melts me man.
so near yet so far haha!
anyways people, try listening to their songs in youtube.
it's really nice, no lies!
WELL, especially, "24Herbs - Hu Ge Cle Va Ge"
MUST LISTEN, super catchy and u'll laugh. hahaha.
after awesome 24Herbs, it was Josh Lai.
well, i don't know any of his songs but he's not bad :)
at least when he sings, he's full of emotions and feels!

next up is DayDream! okay this one i have to admit that i heard this band name before BUT never knew they were this good. i thought Malaysian's artistes wouldn't be popular but they prove me wrong! hell yeah, they're awesome i likey! :D
diff people diff instruments!
fantastico performances :)

and then it was Zhu Hao ren but opss im sorry i forgotten to upload his picture here -__-"
really sorry! but anyways, it's still the same old thing hahaha.
he did duet with Suki Lau too!
AND YES, SUKI LAU really amazed me like, omfg SHE CAN FUCKING SING!
she has the most powerful vocals i would say, well, really powerful!
she performed a numbered of songs though.
but the most impressing one was Born This Way & Firework both by Lady Gaga & Katy Perry.
why? because she can actually sing better than them. lol? no jokes weih. u can youtube her ._.
when she was singing "born this way" :o

ohh look where is he looking! :D
*i hope is my camera, haha*
ta-daaa! both done performing. not bad.
they make a cute couples, :P :P

well after listening to all the chinese-chinese singings, i guess it's time for some thai-thai! HAHA YES!
it's Namcha from Bangkok, Thailand.
mmm this lady here is awesome man!
1. she has a gorgeous body!
2. she has nice voice!
3. she has cute face!
4. she has sexy hair!
5. she made all the guys drooled !
6. therefore, she is AWESOME !
look! :)
okay anyways, look properly in this picture.
don't you think the girl in purple (the one in the middle)
looks somehow..
like ..
hmm ..
indonesian maid?! HAHAHA im not joking! LOOK PROPERLY PEOPLE!
so pond tell me that Namcha interacts more to the "indonesian maid" instead of the other one, then i said, who knows maybe that girl in purple is really her maid that's why?
well, im unsure about that. WHO KNOWS. :P

guess everyone get really high at that time so let's cool down the situation with welcoming the pretty Olivia Ong! :D
awww, i din't know she's this pretty. cute!
but of course, with perfect voice and awesome body+height too.
hahha anyways why am i talking about these -.-
well i like the way she sings, it's really relaxing!
i din't take too many photos of hers cuz i was sitting down on the floor relaxing myself too, haha!
she'll be my next idol. in fact, everyone in this festival! :D

after her was Sam Lee! yeah, a DJ.
he played a few techno though. idk how many of 'em but it's more than half an hour i guess?
all i knew was, IM HUNGRY. AND IM HEADING OUT TO THE MEDIA ROOM TO NOM NOM! with the others too of course, hehe.
on the way walking out the hall.
this was after we ate our so called, dinner.
we sat there and wait for Sam Lee to finish performing only we'll go back in the hall.
while waiting, we camwhore! :)
aiguuuu, my braces never make me look good :( !

guess half an hour is gone, finally it's Paul Wong from Beyond!
i knew he's someone popular but somehow i was sitting on the floor resting my feet.
feet-in-pain yo. why?
this is The Bottom Blues, a Thai band too.
they're okay. but i like about this band is they're actually more girls than guys!
the drummer was a girl too, cool!

FINALLY, yes it's FAMA!
who here doesn't like them? if you don't, please change ur mind! if not, GET OUT. haha! just kidding :P :P
they performed quite a number of songs too, the one i like the most is the one that's related to "korean" HAHAHAHA, naise! go listen in youtube. sorry if i never put the link here :x

weeeee, awesome guys!

anyways, after FAMA.. still got more awesome artistes coming up woooh!
Tiger Huang!
love her latest single, "Chong Lai".
another perfect hit!
ManHanD! ohh they did feature some songs with DayDream too.
not bad, all the singings plus rappings. hahhaa "dope" !
then then.. HELLO AH DU!
u looks good in person, but of course ur vocals too!
never forget to sing his songs when ure in karaoke,his songs are awesome!!
cause i sing his songs too in karaoke! hahahahaha x)
oh here's another local artist, Jess Lee!
i think she's the one who got number 1 champion in Taiwan's Xing Guang Da Dao?
she have powerful vocals too.
damnn, malaysian singers are ze awesome man! IM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN NOW. hahaha!

but of course, this Derrick Ho isn't that bad too.
at least he entertained the fans.
oh btw, he's a taiwanese singer if im not mistaken!
cute fella :D

next is Jing Chang!

powerful vocals, awesome too.
but somehow, i don't like her voice.
she sounds like a man :/ the rough one somemore!
ohh this one is only Xiao Yu from Lollipop F solo-ing!
then only Lollipop F came out :)
i like 4 of them too.
William, Ao Quan, Xiao Yu & Ah Wei :)
anyone spot anything? HAHAHHA
sshh keep quiet. i KNOW WHAT U WANNA SAY! <.<

so, Bibi Zhou is the second last for the entire festival!
actually, i like her more than Jing Chang.
well maybe probably because Jing sang too much emo songs, i no likey too much soft/emo songs.
i won't feel good, haha yea somehow.
so i prefer Bibi! :D
at least, she don't have a man's voice plus she have a really feminine side!
look at her crazy fans which is from singapore!
look! she's really pretty but why u also another one wanna be tomboy lar.
zomggg, 求包养?!
这是怎么回事?! :S

the entire festival was on for more than 10 hours though, it's the 11th hour already!
lastly, it's Edison Chen's turn!
sad thing was, the festival was supposed to end at 12am but everything delayed. so when it's Edison's turn, it's already 12.40am.
HELL YEAH MAN, which concert is still on at 12.40AM?!?! :/
alotsaaaaaaaaaaa fans actually couldn't wait & then left before they see Edison live. poor thing :(
well, Edison if ure reading this, please take good care of urself, u looks superb tired :( !

idk why is this called the Edison Chen's show where his 2 partners sang like x10 more than him.
-_____________- this is really speechless to the max! i waited and waited for them to shoo & bloody let Edison sing but ended up nothing. i couldn't blame too since he's way soooo tired. rest well Edison! :)

the entire festival started from 2.30pm and ended up around 1.40am.
ooooh, Edison's part is an hour?! wooooh, around there lar. so means i've been complaining for almost an hour? i see i see, no good no good. hahaha.

Lastly, would wanna say about just now. (remember the Paul Wong's part? i said i rested my feet because... )

*continue here*

cuz i fucking wore a real high wedges to a 10 hours festival, oh not. it's 11 hours! -.-"
well,i actually swear that i wouldn't wear shoes/flats to a concert anymore.
reason's cause im short. i knew i might not able to see so i guess 11 hours of pain should be okay for this only day.
but i was wrong, my feet was crying pain in the middle of the festival. couldn't take anymore so i sat down on the floor and rested my feet. what to do? im not born tall.. boo :(

do it in the next post! heee such a fail fan here grrr.