Sunday, June 28, 2009

090218; the dangerous day XD

suddenly i thought of the videos me and rin in car boot =x
it was like, 3-4 months ago ?
well, everyone knew it was crazy.
but we got no choice, the car is fulled with 9 passengers included me and rin
experienced the feeling in the boot =x
it was so hot. 2pm. but, we had fun ?
since its the 1st time of all :)
okie, its dangerous. so nomore the 2nd time :]
*we're insane*

-genee & rin in car boot 1 -

-genee & rin in car boot 2 -

Friday, June 26, 2009

saddy day .

same as what i said yesterday .
im enough of all these problems ..
when will it end ?
can anyone tell me ? :(

it was the 2nd time crying in schl .
the feel sucks =[
i duwanna cry.
but i just cant, im sorry :((

back home, another one.
mum knocked a motocyclist !
and his in the hospital right now :(
will his bone break ?
the doc is still checking :(

my wishes ,
i hope my problems will get away from me
i hope my friends can stay peacefully in schl
i hope the motocyclist is all right ..

guan yin ma, pls grand my wish. please :(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

what a day :(

im moody.
im unhappy.
im depressed.
im not angry.
im tired.
and, i wan my life back.
thats it ?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hari koperasi 09; smkbsd2 =)

since its the last year in sec school, so i decided to join the fun in hari koperasi :)
yay~ this day really mades my day .
i've made some new friends, & they're awesome kids. =]
today hung out with my prince, ginyen and my twinee, xuan :D
wooots, they entertained me alots yea. thanks babes^^
we took quite a number of photos too :)
but i look so stupid in it -.-
well, first is cuz my eyelids are a lil cacat. din't glue it perfectly =[
secondly was soo tired. nvr get enough of sleeps. thats why i look undead.
sorry sorry for ruining the beautiful pictures~ =x

xuan. genee. ginyen.
our dragon fruit+ mango blended ~
xuan & genee :]
said not gonna eat maggiee, but ended up still maggiess. lol

genee & pey horng :)

genee & po yeng :)
after the hari koperasi is done, all of us went chinese class to get prepared for our steamboat=]
i guessed yl is bored@@ so shes trying to fill the board with "us" .
as shown above, we can see that joo is really interested with it. lol xD

me me me ~
oh oh~ this penguin~
i seriously had no idea what to say abt it =x
but really thanks wai hoe for winning it for me .
i apppreciated ur kindness^^
thanks alot yea =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

the 1st photos of xuan & me :)

today, went my twinee's house to get the pj pants
and so, i went her house around 6pm :]
i was walking up the hill till i reached the playground where we supposed to meet .
and when i reached there, shes already standing there looking everywhere. aww, shes cute XD
and then, we walked to her house to get my stuffs .
after getting the stuffs i needed, she showed me SNSD's english singing,
she was in love with it. and also, we can see their potential .
it was really G.R.E.A.T ! , no offence :p
at around 6.40pm, we started to cam-whoredd =p
we're both laughing our ass out at our kiddy faces after we vained enough~ =X
p/s: but i look more kiddy than u twinee! so no worries :]

* here are the pics of us :) *

7 pics uploaded, hehe :)
hmmm. right after we cam-whored,
i quickily rushed home and have my quick dinner
as im having tuition so soon once i've reached home =x
once again, in tuition .!
only 1 word i can describe ..
what was it ?
well, it was ..
urgh, its really cold~ i hold my breath so i wont be shiverring around as im just right under the aircond -.-"
ohh ohh !
i forgotten something .
watch this ~
michael jordan vs kobe bryant top 40 .
oh my gawddd, it was excellent. COOL ! :)
weeeew :D

END post , and enjoy ! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

my man ?

davichi - my man . :)

davichi's second composed song .
enjoy :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

without a heart .

8eight ft sohee(wonder girls) - without a heart / heartless

apeudago malhamyon jeongmal apeul got gataseo
seulpeudago malhamyeon nunmuri nal got gataseo
genyang utji genyang utji genyang utji
geurondae saramdeuli wae unyago muleo

[ rap ]
maeireul uldaga utdaga uldaga eutneungol banboghae
na wae ireoneundae
suri surinji babinjido moreuneun jae
sara i jeongo apeumeun tonggwa eiryaein deut hae
meonghani jongiae nado mollae ni ireumman jeogeo haru win jungil
jungiga sikeomaejigoseoya dereotda nwa
nunmuri ddo cajawa neowaui ibyeol iran

naneun simjangil eobseo naneun simjangil eobseo
geuraeseo apeun geol neuggilli eobseo
maeil honjatmareulhae naegae jumuneul goreo
geuraedo janggu nunmuri naneun geol

apeudago malhamyeon jeongmal apeul geot gataseo
seulpeudago malhamyeon nunmuri nal geot gataseo
genyang utji genyang utji genyang utji
geurondae saramdeul wae unyago muleo ireohgae utneundae

{ rap }
niga ddeonagobuteo nan baboga dwin geot gateo
i can't do amugeotdo jugeora bangguseogae baghyeon sareo
neo oebsin hal ildo eobtneundae harun gileo neomu gileo
geundae mwo geuri babbeo neol wirobgae haesseo
niga syoping gaja geureol ddae cinguwa sul hanjan masineun geon gereohgae
swi undae wae neohantae muthaesseulga
eonjaena jaeil neurin gae huhwiraetneundae
jeongmal babonji ggeutggaji neowaui ggeneul neowaui nohji mothae

naneun simjangi eobseo naneun simjangi eobseo
oenuldo bbeonhan geojitmareul hae
gaseumi neom apeundae ireohgae bojaeneundae
eoddeohgae euseul suga itgaesseo

apeundago malhamyeon jeongmal apeul geot gataseo
seulpadago malhamyeon nunmuri nal geot gataseo
geunyang utji geunyang utji geunyang utji
geurondae saramdeuli wae unyaego muleo ireohgae eutneundae

(utja) tv sog yeonaeindeul cheoreom
(utja) noui minihompy jaemogcheoreom
(utja) haengbokhaetdeon nae eojaecheoreom

naneun simjangi eobseo apeulsuga nan eobseo
naneun simjangi eobseo apeulsuga nan eobseo
genyang eutja genyang eutja genyang eutja
jaebal jom nunmura ijaeneun meomchweojweo

if i say that im in pain, im scared that i'll really be in pain
if i say that im sad, im scared that i will shed my tears
why dont i just laugh, just laugh, just laugh ..
but ppl ask me why im crying

everyday i cry, i smile, cry then smile again
whats wrong with me, why do i do this repeditely ?
cant i differentiate between bottles of alcohol and meals
so far in my life, i nvr felt pain this excruciating
absentmindedly, i write your name over and over on a piece of paper
in a day, the paper becomes black and i finally let the pen go
i long for you, i hold on to my cellphone and let it go
my eyes are filling up with tears again, this separation between us ..

im without a heart, i dont have a heart
so i wouldnt be feeling pain
everyday i talk to myself, and put myself under a spell
but even so, i keep shedding my tears

^ if i say that im in pain, im scared that i'll really be in pain
if i say that im sad, im scared that i will shed my tears
why dont i just laugh, just laugh, just laugh ...
but ppl ask me why im crying
when im laughing like this .. ^

after u left, i think i became a fool
i cant do, i cant do anything, so i die .
i shove myself into a corner and live
without you theres nothing left to do
a day is too long, way too long
but what was i busy with, to make u feel so lonely
when u wanted to go shopping, going out with my friends
was so easy, but why couldnt i do the same to you ?
i always regretted being so slow,
i dont know if im really stupid, but i still cant let go of our bond .

im without a heart, i dont have a heart
again today, i can see through your lies
my heart is in so much pain, im begging for your help
how can i smile in times like this ?

repeat ^

(lets smile ) like couples in dramas
(lets smile ) like the title of your blog
(lets smile ) happy like in my past

im without a heart, i cant be in pain
im without a heart, i cant be in pain
lets just laugh, just laugh, just laugh
please, please lets stop crying now ..

- cant copy and paste, so i typed the whole romanization and translation =x
- the translation is a lil stupid . lol =.=