Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's up!

Harro everyone! sorry for not updating my dusty blog but say what no more!
i'm coming back to the blogger world! But i won't be blogging everyday lah i think.

Anyway! just gonna update a lil about what happened recently. well there's too much to update & obviously idk where to start? so i'll just start with Dash Berlin!

Planned to rave with le 4 other potato friends but 3 of them were out station so i thought i won't be able to rave anymore. then this girl, Rachael Wong came and dragged me along, tempted me so bad that i feel bad for not going LOL (of course la cuz i always got no fate with raves one idk why! )

so yeah, this is it. didn't take much photos cuz i was busy raving plus my phone ran out of batt :(

i see no Dash Berlin & i know the quality damn sucky.. BLAME CHUTIPOND!
hahahaha :p

 IDK WHY I LOOK LIKE I LOST MY... angle's prob angle's prob..
because it was my first rave so the girls decided to call Boon to carry me on his shoulder and experience the real rave hahaha and yeah, i have to admit that it was really awesome! okay thank god that i wasn't heavy too hehe.
ALSO! all of us were powdered by color powders. SEE THAT BLUE PATCH ON MY FACE? 
Yeah...thanks Shaunzee for making us so colorful!

                                       half way thru i met these two rascals! Nigel & Tim

and finally le girls! Chutipond, yours truly, Karying & Rachael <3 p="">
Specially thanks to Boon for the ticket and glad that i met a lot of familiar faces throughout the rave!
I HAD LOADS OF FUN! def can't wait for the next one!

till then,