Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 :D

hehehe used this guy's back to start my nasi lemak post!
thankyou clever munkey and kianfai for the invites, i'm really glad to attend this awesome Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere!

not to say much cause i've uploaded tons of photos so yeah, let the photos do the talking again?
*as always* HEHEHEHEH!
as you can see, the premiere really people mountain people sea -_-
but still not bad, ALOT of hot actors and actresses! dayummm :D
okay i only know Dennis, Namewee and Karen Kong in the photo :x
posing with our tickets jyeah!
the amount of people who attend to see the casts :)

anyone has any idea of who they are? all are looking so familiar but idk-their-names! oh fml.
Felixia Yeap, Dennis Lau & Dian Sharlin.

oh look at this, i find this photo damn cool. their outfits matches the scene and effects too ahaahah awesome X)
and then, a photo with Zlwin Chew!
and also, a group photo before going in the hall :D

guess all the bloggers/medias's tickets are all in Hall 8 while the casts ones are all in Hall 7.
all of us actually rushed to Hall 7 right after the movie to meet the casts face to face. so yeah, here it is! :)
though he only has 1 scene in the movie but trust me, he's darn cute!
all the casts, producers & etc etc :]
omg i totally love this nasi lemak aunty! she's so cool with her tai chi.
go watch and tell me what you think of her :P
forgotten this aunty's name too :x sorry aunty! but, she's a very good actress too :D
Karen Kong in da houz! hahaha she's like, "woow you're so skinny"
then i'm like, "hey no, we're both skinny!" XD
and zomggggg, look who's here. yeah it's Dennis Lau a.k.a the Lan Qiao i'm talking about!
haaahha i have no idea why/what but i find him cool. okay, i love guys who can play instruments. they're so romantic. tsk tsk!

last but not least, NAMEWEE!
the producer and main actor :D
hehehe namewee i love you and your awesome songs!

right. this is all about the event/premiere :D
lemme just end this post with this awesome vid !
" rasa sayang sayang sayang sayang heyy! "

ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, MALAYSIANS must watch this vid and movie okay!
trust me, you won't regret watching it :)!

p/s: photo credits to Chutipond & Henry Lee.

till then, cheers to Nasi Lemak 2.0!