Friday, July 30, 2010


im back to sick life =.=
right, i know why am i sick tho.
stayed up too late everynight D:
expected one-.-
fml laaa weih. why my body soooooooo weak one!
damn u fever and flu.
tuuut off my life.

Friday, July 23, 2010

outing with miss CDC :]

yayyyy~ finally i've met u, miss Cecilia Diana Choong! aka mizz blurr :))
it's been 2 years since we both met huh?
i misss u this sampat girl ;)
not gonna talk about what we've done, it's just like normal outing laa :)
she wants to introduce me to her korean friend tho ..
yeah! korean friend :DD
BUT! i dont get to see that person. the friend couldnt make it last min.
gahh!! ;(
so we ended up walking around, but it's fun also laa.
we both bought something similar :D
anyways, miss CDC!
the pichas below, go grab it :p

she post her fake smile really FAKE!
HAA nice one xD

after that, went Italianies for cake and girl's talk :p
why Italianies? haha cause she work there.
can serve me. bwahaha!

we had those for free though.
one of her collegue said no needa pay.
oh me godness, so nice! *sniff sniff*
yalaaa, see her cacat face.. always lazy to ban leng one~
hahahhahaha OOPSS :p
i admit MEE TOOOOO okay :D

right, time to say buai buai.
sorry sis cant fetch u home :(
i no car and u lived tooo FREAKING far dy.
hahahhahaa JUST KIDDING :P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

iL0VEg.na ;)

" gguhjeo jeolgae jal sahraaaaa.. "

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


woooot woooot`
finally, yesh!
passed my driving test.
hellyeahhhhhhh! *toast*
finalley currentlyy just waiting for my P license.
i cant wait to drive around with my.. aherm skill :D

Friday, July 16, 2010

flash mobbi for 2PM!

omgoshh everyone, i explored youtube and found somethingg really cool!
2PM's choreographer, Park Nam-young actually taught the chorus dance and uhm..
uhm.. uhmm.. u know! FLASH MOB!!
create ur own group, find peoples, perform 2PM's dance and which one looks the best can actually get alotsa prizes from YG entertainment.
DAMNNN, i was toooooooo late.
awwwww, *shiff shiff* !
p/s: i tried to upload the video here but it doesnt work and idk why-.- i think it's because it's HD =/ sorry guys! but can go youtube check it out :DD

Monday, July 12, 2010


big sigh
big sigh
big sigh.
why don't you just kill me?
damnnn. FML.
im soooo sick of everythingg noww

Sunday, July 11, 2010

(just sharing the pics)

okay.. so have a look.
this is the most boring moment-.-
wait and wait and waittttt.
fail dy, try again, hafta wait 1st.
success dy, practice again, hafta wait again.
everything also hafta waittt
very kns one lor~
summore this kinda weather-.-

now u get what i meant huh?
soo maneeee cars!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


right, so yeahhh.
theres once Michelle kept asking me to go for the yoga class thgy with her.
and yesh! i wanted to go for dance classes too, BELLY DANCE ;)
bwahahahahaahaha. BUT today dont have the class, AWWWW too bad x(
Eric then took Simon, Vinod, Michelle & me to the gym after V's long long group meeting at Wendy's!
and so, Eric also helped us took the 1 week trial pass to get in there :D
the environment not bad laa, SUPER DUPER COLD.
michelle & me were like, "gagagagagagagaa" *shiveringggg*

I started my work out by the cycling thgy 1st :D

its 9minutes and 19seconds, and im still busy taking photos-.-

stretchinggg leggies timesss!

RIGHT.. basically we admit that ..
we camwhore more than work out-.-
OKAY.. but who cares.
ITS FREE TRIAL, still free by the way!

V, Gee, Chelle :D


aww look at us, the shawties.. haha!

we play water, we chit-chat, we camwhorez ;)

*spot my GREEN nails peeps!*

time to bath, time to leave! :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

saengil chuka hamnida (:

3, 2, 1 ~!

so doojoon, so BEAST!
ure the best yoon-leader! ;)
hope one day u could see this post.

Friday, July 2, 2010

hawt hawt HAWT! :')

na ehgeh nuhmoo nuhmoo nuhmoo nuhmoo jalheh jalheh jalheh jwuhtdun
nuhneun uhdi gatni
~ "

Wipe the tears; one of AJ's single.
released quite long ago though, but its nice..
i mean, REALLY NICE and awwww :')


"Girl~I need a girl~ mwol haedo ippeun.. mommaedo ippeun.."
Taeyang's new album is released! .. and 1 of them is "I Need A Girl"
awwww, taeyang taeyang..
u made me wanna sing a "I Need A Boy" version
"BOY~ I NEED A BOY~ mwol haedo ippeun, mommaedo ippeun.."
bwahahaaaa! (;