Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where's the party?

Hello! so this is the "WHERE'S THE PARTY?" by Carlsberg.

so people have been asking why am i there and what do i do there ._.
well, i actually worked for this event. but also, it's called a work-play event la :)
sounded cool, no? OF COURSE IT IS COOL. DUH! ;p

was shocked to know that we're actually heading to Sepang Gold Coast instead of Port Dickson.
(oh well, they told us that the event is over there so yeah :/ )

anyways, i totally have the love at first sight thing when i entered Sepang Gold Coast. I mean, it's really beautiful! :) oh wait, EXCLUDE THE BEACH! i find it quite dirty though. no doubt, plus i hate the baby crabs! sooooo disgusting!

i'd give the endless Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to them though. *gulp*

look! nice right? okay wait, don't la see the greenish-brown sea water :x

loving all the awesome views :)

later on, a few of us actually went to have a look at the beach. its been a while since i last touch the sands! woooh

taken from Kylie's I4 :)

i don't actually feel that good even though we're playing the water cuz i was annoyed by the sharp objects under the sea! so painful and irritating gahhh.
then we also take a visit to the entire place :)
pardon me my face still look damn sleepy. holy it's only like 8 or 9+ in the morning?
i'm not used to waking up that early though. im a pig just so you know :P
With Pondy :)
With Stephanie :)
oh this was when we went to the.. beach side?
and that's written by Kylie though. that biatch! hahah.
if you realize, i did gain a lil weight on my face and upper body.
and that's like before we even start working for the event! #FML x[
With the girls :)
CN looked so short standing beside me. ahahahahha!
With my Wong Pabo :)
more of the girls :)

after that, we were all called to dress up and get ready to work :)
if only i'm tall. #FML x10000000 !!
this is one of the games of the day, Wash N Go!
it's a game that you get washed, shampooed and dried by a bunch of pretty girls. oh guys, if you weren't there that day, then too bad? :P

din't get to take a lot of photos though. was quite busy working too. plus i left my phone in the locker so yeah. all the photos here were all grabbed from.. too many people's camera. too much to credit. Chloe, Charlie, Pondy, Kylie, Stephanie, Andy & Carlsberg? wait do let me know if i miss you out aite :) :)

oh by the way, this is the place we stayed overnight. ballroom with sleeping bags :/
compared to the toilets, i'd really choose sleeping at the corridor! the toilets are awful, really horrible. totally indescribable.
anyways, skip that part. after the whole day working under the sun, it's time to rock in the dark yo! ;p
group picture before we head out to the party! :D
1st time partying by the beach. we all were told to drink responsibly though, so yeah :)
dance dance, shake shake !

Thankyou Carlsberg for the awesome event and party. i really enjoyed working for it.
hope there's more coming up soon!

till then, that calls for a Carlsberg!

Cheers! xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

my new Sketchers baby!

okay, as everyone knows that the Sketchers got this new brand new shoes called the, Shape-Ups eh? :) & yes! FINALLY.. finally i've got myself one! jyeah!

So what's the use of it? mmm, shape up? hahaha. tone everything up and have film butt!

*everyone loves to complain that i have no butts. yes memang pun i no butt :/ HEEHEE. *

"Shape up while u walk or jog" - this is what i want! meheheheheh
new baby that costs me RM399! :)
it looks really simple though, but i really love black.
black matches everything! there's this brown one too, papa asked me to get the brown one but still, i love black more so yeah :P
shape-ups, shape-ups! IM GONNA FILM MY BUTT UP WOOHOO!
not forgotten to read this again, they're actually good cause they can help burn calories! *which every females are dying to do*, tone ur fats into muscles! and improve ur postures too!

so what are you waiting for? GO GO GO GET ONE! :D

if ure thinking of getting one, don't forget to get these too!
its the shoe re freshener (ocean smell) for only RM10 :)

LASTLY, watch this instructional video! it only takes 5 minutes and 39 seconds of your life :B

till then, xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011







kay. i know i look kiddy but somehow i like it ;)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

U-Kiss Showcase in Malaysia 2011

U-kiss aren't that bad after all. look at the number of peoples who watched them LIVE!


they're like a family. so lovely :)
the maknae, Dong-ho a.k.a birthday boy!
love this song, dance, mv & the boys! :D

Lisa & I, again. haha.

I recorded almost all of their performances, but only get to share one of them here.
videos are all in Lisa's camera. not taken yet :x

*BAD QUALITY, sorry cuz i shaked too much :/ !

till then, xx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

[Singapore] Photos marathon :P

HELLO Singapore, again! heheheh. this time planned well but still never get to visit all the places in the city -____-"
the trip was awesome though, not much photos but i had fun with my friends & family over there :) ohh, i made new friends too. MY SIS'S CUSTOMERS LOLWTF. (my sis works in a wine gallery btw =) )

so anyways, enjoy the pictures marathon kay! (guess everyone know i hate to write alot right :x )

everytime pass by also will take the "eye of singapore" :p

oh mai gawd this is freaking nice. recommended by me too!
At any barcook bakery u see in the city!
(i forgot where i see this store though :/ )

oh btw, this is what i saw in a maid's cafe's menu!

and guess what, the maids arent pretty too. i mean, they're cute but their make ups are too light for a maid :x

boat quay!

cute mini car!

opposite marina bay sands!
merlion :)

raffles city!
chinatown's Koi cafe!

(apparently the Chatime in singapore memang tak laku :S )

more chinatown!

cheese bak kwa anyone? :P

all the bak kwa heavens!

yumcha restaurants?

this angmo sells bread i guess? look he has a blogspot there too! GO VIEW! :)

meet John Clifford! a new born Philippines actor :D

daddy, uncle, uncle Dodong & his handsome son, John! :)
with uncle Dodong's daughters :)

(omg i feel like a kid too :/ )
handsome papa, handsome son!
later on, reached the durians paradise :P
bugis junction ;)

walking to marina bay, hahha neh just kidding.
arent we both cute? AHAHAHA just kidding!

oh we're in the plastic bags?

Tau Suan!

the qiant lotus :o

i thought singapore can't take chewing gums? look at the wrappers!

marina bay sands hotel
bible? menu? passports?

pork cheese sausage with rusti! OMG YUMMEH :]

after the awesome sausage dinner, then head back to K.L dy.
nice trip indeed, but i never shop much. im so into food when im in singapore :/

till then, xx!