Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Singapore, again!

Gonna cut everything short for this Singapore trip!
yes, cut the 3 days 2 night's posts in one :D
but, i never upload all the photos, it's too many of 'em.
plus most of 'em are.. camwhoreshiats :x
if u don't mind, can check 'em out it in my facebook! :)
basically i went Singapore without alot of people knowing it's because i went there last minute though, with my cousin sis.
well, sticking my butt on the Aeroline's couch was not bad..
at least they provided a lil small tv with movies & musics in it! *goodjob Aeroline!* :P

once we reached Singapore, cou sis's friends start calling and brought us to lunch @ xxxxxxxxx

seaweeds, chicken slices & etc etc
fish glues! *nom*
& more food :D
dessert after the crazy steamboat.

ohhh by the way, i bought this Pink Dolphin to cure my thirst since i saw this kiosk at the roadside :)
Marche Marche!
chicken salad with bacons, OMFG NICE!
sooooo cute, it's only $SGD2.50 @ Bugis Street.

& nor forgetting this ;; The Soup Spoon!
mushroom soup.
half sandwich + salad
wrap sandwich + salad
mushroom soup; roasted cauliflower with blue cheese!
the fat wedges

Yami Yogurt! 100000% fat-free :D
SGD2.30 for a small cup.

Welcome to New Asia Bar, Swiss hotel the Stamford!!
this place is really awesome, people.. should try this place out one day! :)
it's located @ 2 Stamford Road, Singapore.
so.. HAVE u tried clubbing in a 70th floor up hotel?!

Chriz's birthday shots!

pose 1, failed
Jojo, Me, Mel & Chriz :D

omg spot the lady at the wall side !
more of 3 of us.
the crowd of ang mos. hahaha.
jeng jeng! she got aimed by some ang mo.
and, she too!

p/s: i din't know what is the both girl's names though, guess i wasn't "sober" that time :P
&&&& damn the guy is hawt! :/
ohh, we party like rockstars too!
haha look at the guy at the back LOL
group photo before leaving :D

the next morning wake up by this dead sleepy face ;;
at least i can still, smile for the camera? :p
i saw PBSM students :)
Clemenceau ave RD.
ohh imma try this one day!
colourful MICA building @ Hill Street.
singapore river..side? :p
wanted to take the pic of famous bak kut teh but this guy, err -.-"

after that visited my sis's working place too!
The Wine Gallery @ Boat Quay :D
the vodka we drank in the club that night :)
heard this is the most expensive coffee tea liqueur?
it's around SGD48. and omo omo, its coffee tea liqueur!
I MUST try this one day!! (:

& then, nom nom lunch @ Kadoman!
Kadoman's menu
potato salad; SGD5.90 @ Kadoman, Boat Quay.
somehow this salad is really nice, nicer than pasta zanmai's! :O
camwhore with the red evil :8
Vege tempura, special made from the chef!
there are potato tempura, onion tempura & all sorts of veges u can think off.
oh cuz my sis knew the chef thats why we got this for free too! :D
Saba Fish set; SGD 15.
Fried chicken Bento set; SGD14.

when im about to leave Singapore, passed by this place..
its a Bubble milk tea shop named, Koi :)
loook, u have to queue up & take numbers to buy them !
the menu
the bubble milk tea is really special, esp the pearls.
they're all cute lil pearls unlike the one we always eat here in KL.
their pearls are extra small & also more chewy!

lastly, Aeroline bought us Pastamania for our lunch when we're otw back to Malaysia!
it was really good especially when it's added with CHEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
nom nom nom!

well i know i cut short a lot in everything cuz i din't take much photos of the places & foods but the camwhores one in the club.
imma visit there again, so yeah. no worries!
i'll go with a better camera and make sure the post is gonna be a lot much better than this since this is just a "shortcut" post. enjoy everyone!

xxx :D