Friday, May 8, 2009

8/5/09 .

T - O - D - A - Y :
- not feeling very well.
- had to stay back after schl for the malacca trip projects.
- went to peyhorng's hse to do projects, but got kicked out cuz shes rushing for her tuition. And then we went hongwang's house to continue. haha.
- played hongwang's computer. got cs, gunbound, red alert and o2jam eh ! OMGG :D
- kok wai kena hongwang zat say he will lose to me in red alert. hahaha!
- then kok wai em song jor. ended up fight for his right and won me =.= apa la i noob okay. ><"
- wanna dl o2 mania tooo :D
- Joo played guitar and sang. HAHA~
- Rin took a video of he singing and playing. muakaka.!
- video will be found in youtube. :)
- went home around 7pm.
- went art class at 8pm.

and now, im feeling dead. soo soooo tireddd~ x(

here's his video !
sorry if its hard to seee, i dont know how to rotate it, my bad. =x
enjoy it !

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