Friday, May 29, 2009

smk sri hartamas =]

"26/5/09 "

went hartamas schl after my exam .
and woot. when im there , they still having exams =x
sry for disturbing ! :p
its been more than half a year i left hartamas schl
when im back, everything has changed .
and im lost in finding the classes. lol =.="
hmm. its a good choice, but weird though @@"
good luck for exams my friendss :D

pondok .

the view, same with smkbsd1 @@"

inside pondok =X

same ? =x

road from canteen and dewan terbuka :D

dewan terbuka & canteen .

dewan's floor .
p/s: i cant take pics everywhere. so many ppl looking at me o.o"


  1. never come and take picture with me :(

  2. WEN: well, yeah .
    YEE: i also wanted to, but u guys still examing =(