Tuesday, August 4, 2009

sick @"@

feeling dead this morning
mum asked not to go schl
butthen ended up i went =x
got things to do mar.
no choice eh ~

slept almost whole day in schl
teacher also ask me not to go schl tmrw =x
but im still going lar =X
all scold me why sick still wanna go schl
lol. i duno eh =x
went home earlier today
followed the peralihan student's time. uhm, around 1.10pm?
ponteng chinese ponteng chinese~ ==
called mum and went to the doctor immediately.
cant take it anymore. faint scene gonna appear =x
doctor said im having fever, 37.7`c @@
if tmrw worse, straight rush to the clinic and look fer him.
reached home,
took medicine and slept for another 2 hours
then went tuition ~"~

( i hate the medicines >.> )

NOW.. feeling hot and cold in the same time
no appetite for dinner ~
feels like vomitting ><

p/s: thanks my friends for the concerned =)

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