Monday, October 12, 2009

Kim eng's house party

finalllyyy uploaded most of the pics here :)
took decades to upload every one of 'em -.-
hmmmmm gonna talk about it. But, its gonna be a summary :)

-went MCD for ice creams with xuan and john before heading to junior's housee
-drove john;s little carr
-xuan & me got frustated by junior's toilet door, LOL =x
-sat kokwai's car to eng's house

-wow-ed kim eng's new house
-theres a police station behind his house :x
-see them prepare food :P
-moodless before party starts
-but happy go lucky moood came back after awhile :)
-mervin took me some fishballs, but mr.joo stole few of it ! ._."
-ate that few little fishballs for dinner. lol -.-
-sing k, watched movies, and etc. :)
-went home around 10 plusss
-thats the end of the day :)

- pics for the day -

emo =/

face "closed" =]

i covered urs; u covered mine

:D :O :D :O

kissing? u think so ? =]

xuan :)


touguessssssssssss :PPPPP

-.-" :)

my lamest bro :D

hongwang :)
walking to pasar malam ..

back from pasar malam ..
just F.R.I.E.N.D.S :)

Jias :)

Pey horng :)

fat choiiiii ye ye . LOLLL

Harn :)

Harn & Genee & Alvin

YL :)

newspaper ga douuuu ~ LOLL

normal one :)


fishball stealer !!

kim eng .

xiannn :)
peaceeeeee out :)

all ban yenggg xD

Xian. Alvin. Genee

Xian. Eng. Genee

genee. xian. YL

kok wai :)

LOLOLOL swt me --"

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P

cheersss :D

mervinnnn :)

xiannnnn & geneeeeeee

mervinnnn chin.
END :)

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