Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my october 21st ;)


its october 21st! so its genee's sweet 17th burfdayy :)
awww, im older by a year dy.
officiallyy seventeeen. lalala :)
alot of things actually happened and suprised me on my day.
i wonder how should i describe it :p weeeeeeeeeee
though its tiring but its still the best thing i had eversince i came bsd :)
i wanna sincerelly thanks everyone who wished and also celebrated for me :)
ahhh not forgotten, i lurveeeee the suprise partiess u guys gave too ~
especially the one in mrs.kui's tuition. cuz its an UNEXPECTED ! =D
i had great times with all of my friends, on oct 21st.
and that made me realised how much i love themm, awwww ;)

my lovely bsd friends ;) ,
yi lin
li hsin
ghee leng
mei shen
mee kerh
shu pei
shi wai
hui ting
yong onn
edward teo

mervin chin
chun ren
melvin campen
guo rong
chun yin
junior teh
wan jie
kok wai
hong wang
jia wei
wai hoe
guitar alyf
yong tick
james tang
seng joo
jason chen
alvin gan
kim eng
ken wai
tse harn
wai hong
zhen li
joseph loh
john phu
peng xiang
tai wei
wai keat
chap yeap
alaaaa, i dun have any other bsd1 girl friends except shiwai.
AWWWW, thats bad! =x pweshhhh.
hmmm, i cant remember everyone but im trying my best to list them out.
if ure left out, tell me immediately ! xD
i wished i study in bsd2 longer than i supposed to,
cuz i wanna have more fun with my peoples :(
but its okay, even its only for the last year.
because i had everything which i nvr expected :)
THANKS everyone of you. u guys made me wanna have my oct21st every single day :)
i love you guys soooooooo muchieeeee!!
i wanna have all of you in my arms, weeeeeeeeeee :D
please dun stay away from me aite.
nyahahaha (:
pics for the day :-

i know im petite, SO? :)

the big bully-er, tse-harn :p

my prince, ginyen ;)

kim eng :)

my lovely looney tunes birthday box. KI YOPP TAA xD

joo, jason, harn, alvin, lili, eng, me, kettin :)

my prince and darl ;)

i heart them, saranghaee :D

new version's titanic scene :D

emo-ing :P


jason's funny face. hahaha x)

lili :)

random :)

i love her, she love me ;)

jason :)

Y.R, undertaker, P.R,G.R, and our lovely dou yin :)

jobless ;)

kokwai :]

Yvette Lawley. xD

hongwang =]

cheeeeeese :)
onn and mervin :)

edward, melvin and chunren :)
not all pics uploaded, lazy laaa. my bad X)
ignore my stupeeeed faces :X

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