Monday, October 5, 2009


mooncake festivals are over, finally !
nomore waking up early early in the morning :D
anyone seen the drama ?
i would wanna rate 10 out of 10 for it
its amazing, eventhough some of the parts are out of idea :X

the times we practise drama together
the times we laughed together
the times we shared together
the times we wasted together. LOL
the times we maked up together
the times we visit xiu meng's house together. HAHAHA >"<

the times we walked around together
the times we hang out together
the times we eat together the times we ping pong-ed together
what else ? =x hmm. awwwww, i wished i could turned back the clock .
anyways, im lazyy to upload those pictures.
but some of it are on facebook :)
TAGGED some P.R's gg pics in it.
enjoyyyyy xD

as time passeddd, im sick again ==
seriously sick of getting sickk !
irritates me alotttts
no fried foods, no snacks, no durians, no chocolates ~"~

anyways, get well soon genee :)
cough cough go away
come again another day =x
praying and praying like a foool ROFLMAO

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