Friday, December 11, 2009


yesterday spent the whole day with xuan and her family at chu cheong kai and sunway pyramid.
we eat walk buy talk and camwhore almost all the time :)
not all pics are uploaded here.
some are, aherms PRIVATE. ;) LOL.
uhm, reached home around 9pm.
wooooh, damn tiring and pening ;(
then then xuan said wanna go yamcha with some friends
got li hsin jason and the guy name derrick?
hmm :)
butthen li hsin ended up din go.
as shes busying with her stuffs, awwwww :(
i missed you li hsin! heee ;D
went KNS mamak yamcha. service okok laaaa :x
goshh, why all so quiet geh?
izit because IM AROUND ?=O
hmmmm molla.
aite` all walked me home after mamak.
told you guys not to walk down, sooooo far! ~"~
pics for the day:-

mwo? no idea whats this. :o


life is full of challenges, how about an escape.. EVERYDAY? ;)
err, SHOKUBUTSU laaaa =F

im like hugging tae wu oppa. LOLMAO


aww, i want the moo moo more :D

s.pyramid's toilet.

thats me ! HAAAAAAAAHHA ;)


went for hair treatment again since im hella bored at home.

*promote promote*
come to ORIGIN HERBAL HAIR TREATMENT. its effective, natural and helps dying hair to brown too :)
do youu have any of 'em?
if you do, CONTACT ME .
i'll help you out.
p/s: can you feel my heartbeat?.

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