Saturday, January 30, 2010

my yesterday xO

today, shupei, kokwai, joo & me went to watch "woohoo".
hahahaha, its practically funny and a lil touching also laa. lol
its a nice movie laa from malaysia. LOL :3

after movie, we went poh chuan centre to see YL's art.
this is what she did .

her and herself. hahaaa :)
then went alvin's house hang out.
they play mahjong, i sleeep :3
beh tahan~ haha.

around 6pm, we headed to lili's house .

his myvi became like this bcuz of his smart move -__________-

see la how he tell his story.. ~''~
after visiting lili, kokwai fetched xuan & me to the clinic.
doctor gave me some injections and took out my horrible toe nail ~
he summore asked me whether i wanna keep for memories or not? =__________=
he said majority of the ppl will keep it. but, thats a no way for me man.
its sooo disgussting & dirty maaa. who will wanna keep it weih?
hahaha best part is, i made xuan fainted -.-
sorrrry ya xuan! i din knoww ure serious laa.
besides i asked u not to see the doctor to pull the nail out right?
aiyoyo, u never listen ="=
anyways, its over dy laaaa. dun think about it dy :D
after the horrible nightmare in the clinic, we went home and get ready to go mamak again.
with my friends ;) heeeee.

peopless! nah nah nah.
here's the new geneetoe look :)
geneetoe without toenail but with bandage.

this is so much better looking then the before rite?
but, its still sooo painful ~
imagine ure walking with a toe without toenail ..
ohhh myy ..
SAKIT GILER~ x____________x

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