Tuesday, February 9, 2010

suckiest day ever-.-

today was really the suckiest day ever.
just few minutes before friends gonna fetch me to club for dance training,
i just had a bad bad bad stomachache ever.
at the same time.. super cold sweats too!?
when i was in the car
i sweated alot, xuan & pond saw huh? :o
then chengyong said my lips were pale huh? :o
all i know is i wanted to puke so badly
i just beh tahan the pain.
its like worse than my geneetoe's case==
then instead, i ask them to send me home
when i reached home, the 1st minute,
i ran to the toilet and start vomitting -.-
vomitted a few times and the stomachache nvr go any better
after that, my mum see i beh tahan dy
quickily send me to the doctor
doctor checked up for me, and said i had gastric and food poisoning ==!
at the same time, i asked doctor to give me the painkiller injection
then she inject my back.
was a lil pain, but the next minute i felt allright dy
aahhh so COMFORTABLE !xP
then went back home, took my medicines and sleeeep :)
and now ..
i finished blogging about this
so imma go eat my porridge~
see ya peeeps! X)

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