Thursday, March 11, 2010


im sorry, boy.
i knew i stabbed ur heart wif a knife.
i knew i hurt you too much, too deep.
the pain u feel, the wound i cut wouldnt cure so easily.
same goes to me.
but its impossible for me to see u hurt any longer.
i dont know how to explain all these.
but at least you knew why i choose to be like this, right?
was it my wrong to start this relationship?
am i supposed to be blamed for hurting you so much?
i know i am, imsorrry. chongmal mianhae.
im sure ure scared and depressed to listen to all these each time i mentioned about topic like this.
but i cant hold it any longer.
cuz i dont wanna see you ended up like the last time's genee ng.
it doesnt mean i dont wanna protect this love.
you know i want to.
but just, i couldnt do it.
u know both of us cannot tahan the pain.
im doing this for our own good.
i dont wanna see u worry everynight.
i dont wanna see myself crying everynight.
the pain kills.
im sorry, really really sorry..
i hope u can forgive me.
thanks for all the sweet memories you gave me.
i'll rmb every little thing u did for me :)
i appreciated it alot.
alot alot and alot ..
i hope, youwontfoundsomeonelikemeanymore.
takecare :')

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