Tuesday, July 6, 2010


right, so yeahhh.
theres once Michelle kept asking me to go for the yoga class thgy with her.
and yesh! i wanted to go for dance classes too, BELLY DANCE ;)
bwahahahahaahaha. BUT today dont have the class, AWWWW too bad x(
Eric then took Simon, Vinod, Michelle & me to the gym after V's long long group meeting at Wendy's!
and so, Eric also helped us took the 1 week trial pass to get in there :D
the environment not bad laa, SUPER DUPER COLD.
michelle & me were like, "gagagagagagagaa" *shiveringggg*

I started my work out by the cycling thgy 1st :D

its 9minutes and 19seconds, and im still busy taking photos-.-

stretchinggg leggies timesss!

RIGHT.. basically we admit that ..
we camwhore more than work out-.-
OKAY.. but who cares.
ITS FREE TRIAL, still free by the way!

V, Gee, Chelle :D


aww look at us, the shawties.. haha!

we play water, we chit-chat, we camwhorez ;)

*spot my GREEN nails peeps!*

time to bath, time to leave! :D

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