Friday, July 23, 2010

outing with miss CDC :]

yayyyy~ finally i've met u, miss Cecilia Diana Choong! aka mizz blurr :))
it's been 2 years since we both met huh?
i misss u this sampat girl ;)
not gonna talk about what we've done, it's just like normal outing laa :)
she wants to introduce me to her korean friend tho ..
yeah! korean friend :DD
BUT! i dont get to see that person. the friend couldnt make it last min.
gahh!! ;(
so we ended up walking around, but it's fun also laa.
we both bought something similar :D
anyways, miss CDC!
the pichas below, go grab it :p

she post her fake smile really FAKE!
HAA nice one xD

after that, went Italianies for cake and girl's talk :p
why Italianies? haha cause she work there.
can serve me. bwahaha!

we had those for free though.
one of her collegue said no needa pay.
oh me godness, so nice! *sniff sniff*
yalaaa, see her cacat face.. always lazy to ban leng one~
hahahhahaha OOPSS :p
i admit MEE TOOOOO okay :D

right, time to say buai buai.
sorry sis cant fetch u home :(
i no car and u lived tooo FREAKING far dy.
hahahhahaa JUST KIDDING :P

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