Friday, July 2, 2010

hawt hawt HAWT! :')

na ehgeh nuhmoo nuhmoo nuhmoo nuhmoo jalheh jalheh jalheh jwuhtdun
nuhneun uhdi gatni
~ "

Wipe the tears; one of AJ's single.
released quite long ago though, but its nice..
i mean, REALLY NICE and awwww :')


"Girl~I need a girl~ mwol haedo ippeun.. mommaedo ippeun.."
Taeyang's new album is released! .. and 1 of them is "I Need A Girl"
awwww, taeyang taeyang..
u made me wanna sing a "I Need A Boy" version
"BOY~ I NEED A BOY~ mwol haedo ippeun, mommaedo ippeun.."
bwahahaaaa! (;

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