Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hoty Dayeeeee

sometimes, sunny isnt good though.
it's soo blardy hot.
petite people cant take it, LMAO!
just kidding XP
woke up early in morning, get myself dressed up and rolled to Hartamas Shopping Centre for dim sum with my lovely colleagues in Grand Imperial! :D
OH MY GOD, let me tell u.
i think the dim sum there are somehow great, seriously soo yummy till u can cry rolling on the floor asking for more =\
*slap* i know im lame but, im just describing how it feeeeeeeels :]
*thumbs up* :)

after the perfect dim sum, stomach was soo full till i looked like a penguin.
so i decided to do something, and guess what?
that SOMETHING is driving home :D
called dad up and ask him to fetch me with the tiny lil kenari but he ended up appearing in HSC with his accord -__________-
daddy u're pressuring a newbie laa :(
i was really scared, so i drove like a lil slow la :\
overall, dad says that im still too nervous.
yeahh, i am very very nervous when im driving.
the drivers on the road are like F1 drivers to me.

took all these photos when daddy went to TTDI's pasar malam :)
p/s: im sooo lazy to retype and edit the post again. fml-.-

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