Friday, August 20, 2010

ohhh its the beeet-che's again =b

hello everyone, picture blog is back again.
so so and so, i went MidValley with missholic(PhyPhyKok) & my couziee.
din't do much though, just hang around and had lunch together :)

before we start, look into my eyes first and not my PHAT face, okay?
HAHAHAA nonsense.

this is Phyllis TRYING to act like shes a PRO DRIVER.
okay miss holic, U FAILED!
muahahahahahahahahaahaha! xD

then u know la, AS USUAL :)


peacock nails

OKAY this pic is BRIGHTEN-ED.
i admit laaa okay :P
but never add sugar pepper salt those laa okay
natural beauty! HAHAHA

lenglui ah yi, Emo Phyllis, Fatty Genee, Moody Michelle
p/s: Phyphy DONT show HER okay X)

Babe, this pic you just looked like someone but i dont know who =\
. . . . . .
after lunch at " Lou Yao Guai Guai" then we walk around the mall.
went in this boutique, i forgot whats the name o.O
and you know la, START AGAIN.
here comes the BEET-CHE'S!
okay, maybe not the middle one :P

pose 1 FAILED!
who cares anyways X)

FYI, this is not edited.
the lightings there are too bright i guess :\

a couzie that loves to eat french fries and BEER.

im so sorry Phy, i did smtg wrong about the size thgy.
and it's soo freakin' small right now :(

i DISLIKE my hair alottt! :(

mm hmm, after all the walkings and camwhorings we went Coffee Bean for chocolate, nah not coffee :P

p/s: how i edit also tak leng, so.. nevermind la.
as long as my babe is pwettie enough ;)

i think thats the end of the day laaaa =)

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