Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunway Lagoon ft DIA201004

Sunway Lagoon feat part of DIA class :)
not gonna talk much as i've uploaded most of the photos in Fb.
and there's nothing much to blog about too
BUT, so manyyyyyy classmates FFK-ed!
but overall, it's still a fun day though.
p/s: i enjoyed the rides and water park! but i had 3 blueblacks all over my body now, fml-.-
AND! i enjoyed my kap-zai session too. I saw hawt korean guys and drooled all the way long. HAHA! funnyshits.

Vencent, me & Gian :)

Khloe the Cow.

Kylie my babe =]

Group picture.

don't stare at my pure fat face please and thankyou! O__O

that's all. for more photos, please view my fb album! :)

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