Friday, September 10, 2010

SHINee we're crazy for.

Early early when i reached her house, shes been showing me this :\
yes, Lucifer! SHINee's latest song with smexy Taemin in it :P

just see how insane she actually tweet for Taemin in her Twitter!
but of course, since we don't meet each other that often..
we do camwhore like freaks before leaving :D

and this is when im home, IN MY ROOM! :D
camwhore again -___-" sorry.

and guess what? bought this lovely ringg for myself :D
it actually wrote ..
O-New, Key, Taemin
I Love you~ "
this is my Fansign for SHINee!
i hope they can see this though :)
peace yawww!

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