Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ben's lucifer.

allright, let me introduce this little cute bro of mine, Benjamin.
k-pop freak too, a super duper fan of U-kiss & SHINee from what i know, haha niceee.
as u guys knew, i'm obsessed with SHINee's Lucifer song recently. OMFG WOOHOO.
and yeah, i'm trying my very best to learn that dance moves and all.
but it just seems like i've failed and failed all over again :\
to me, it's fucking hard to learn.
no offense, Genee Ng is no born a dancer. awww :(

and then, dongsaeng was "performing" his lucifer dance to me.
OKAY, i really love the performance and also my cute little brother of course :)

and lastly, a SUPER RANDOM fansign from him.
he learnt it from SOMEONE, hahah! still, thankyou!

Love, GEE.

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