Sunday, October 3, 2010

last day in Yume.

As u can see from my blog title, yeah, it's my last day in Yume.
everyone's askin' why am i quitting the job and blah blah blah.
and right now, LOOK HERE AITE! (:
1. got no free time to work.
2. it's tiring =\
3. too much assignment in a week.
4. abit lazy, LOL! :X
5. it's not near to my house also.
6. i can't memorise all the jewelries @@
7. have exams coming up!

see, so many alasan-alasans.
what to do, i can't help but only quit.
BUT luckily someone is there to replace me!
Mr.John, a friend of mine :D
thanks yaw!

the Bees mirror-mirror.

couple wings rings. (yeah u can actually play and try on all the jewelries when there's no customers! :P)

as i said before, every jewelry has their own stories.
so does all these couple sets.
they'll bring the couples happiness, lucks and everything they need.
it's all been casted by MAGICS! tahaha =)

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