Sunday, November 7, 2010

MIFW (Malaysia-International Fashion Week)

MIFW! ooo yeah, accompany my beetch, Phyllis to watch the fashion show @ Pavillion yesterday.
It was not bad laa, honestly speaking.
BUT! there're so manyyyyyy many many many many malay male models =|
some of them seriously disgusting laa, no offence but seriously, they have no expression laa ._.

i saw hot international male models la so, ALLRIGHT!
get over the sad-ness of the local ones. hahaha! ;))
apparently to say that, this was Xandra's friend :O
ohh he looks gorgeous on stage yawww

and i know im super petite. what to do? :(

ohh here comes the bitches again, HOOOT ;))

Xandra & me :)

my lovely bitch and me (:

this is when i went to Phyllis's house.
her mum, cousin sis, Xandra & I was busy gossiping around.
the GIRLS talk :D

after that, balik rumah lor.
nothing to do dy (:

p/s: i damn lazy update my blog larr seriously, ESPECIALLY when it comes to describing the picture or whatsoever :| aaaaaawww.

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