Sunday, November 28, 2010

say hello to RM100!

SO it's today, the radio event day.
yep, im here to tick the GOOD and BAD then grab the RM100 and ciao!
of course, there're alotttttttt of people too who's doing the same thing lar! hahah.
look at the hall, lucky me! im sitting at the 2nd last roll, phew.
I DONT KNOW there're how many heads in the hall but, yeah forget it.
lets get back here! :P

this was after the 2 hours of "listen" session.
took this pic secretly, sshh!

after that, WE'RE DONE!
cheyy, rm100 only ma, i know lar but at least i experienced something cute today HEH x)

oiii, took money then ciao lah of course!
look at our sad faces, rm100 only. nevermind! :)
later on, went sunway with my girlfriend, Pondy and that sopoh Ning :]

blablabla not gonna talk about what happen after that cuz its just basically walking around, shopping lar! *blehh

and last, when we're all walking around, we saw this mascot guy!
allaaaa duwanna post the Pondy's solo one.
cuz that mascot very very very very veryyyyyyyyy eeek, humsap :p

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