Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let's get Change with Hyuna!lol

HAHAHA, yes, my idol-star, KIM HYUNA! lolol.
okay, i love her so much as shes sooo talented and shes a awesome rapper tooo.
mann, which guy wouldn't fall for her? ONLY Lee Joon .____.
anyhoo, check out her video if u haven listen to it yet, ITS HEAVEN.lol.okay maybe not,but almost hahaa :B

Ohh and im loving the b.girls & kaotsun in youtube!
subscribed them as well, WHOAA see the way they dance can really pulls my jaw off too! @_@

check these out! :D
have to say that the b.girls never did well in this dance cover, but no matter what, im still their fan! U GO GIRLS!

Kaotsun's Change cover,

B.Girls' Change cover,


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