Friday, December 3, 2010

Asia Cafe @ KD.

while i was watching tv at home.. suddenly my cousin bro came to me and say,
"geneeee, come lets go pool"
"Asia Cafe, KD"
"ohh okay, with?"
"with Xandra and botak"
"HHAHAHA OK lets go. BUT u guys play till what time?"
"aiyah very fast one lah, we'll come back around 1am"
"cheh! u at home also never slp so early one lah! lets go! "
"right, lets go :p "
. . . . .
p/s: botak is one of his friend, his name is Jay but we gave him that nickname since decades ago, quite okay wif him, cuz i knew him since i was young! LMAO

right, i took a few pics of us playing pool but IDK WHERE ARE THE PICS NOW.
only managed to find this pic of me playing botak's ipad -.-
if only if i ever found it anywhere again, i'll re-upload lah (:

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