Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cheng ming :)

p/s: it's gonna be a short post! :)
woke up 9.30am in the morning to get prepared to visit my grandmother in Nilai!
left the house around 10+ though, yes it's pretty late. well everyone woke up late i would say? haha!
took us almost 40mins to reach there i guess, din't bother to check the time.
well, my mum drove super slow too thats why :s
my grandfather w his cutie cap, LOL
my lame-o cousin sis :P
and then, everyone start cleaning the table and prepare the food while me, busy taking photos.
hahahahahaha i know i know. :P
look at the amount of joysticks my grandfather brought!
the ka-ching ka-ching my cousins bought for my grandmother!
hahaha, i bet she must be rich in heaven! :D
and, more ka-chings!

well, we prayed, burned the money & also wait for my grandmother to finish the food we brought and everything took almost 45mins, idk why is it so long thou. everyone was hungry!
so yeap, after everything's done, all of us cant wait to eat eat and eat! *heaven*

look at everyone's nomming face man.. so hungry yet happy. cuz of the food?

OH! not forgotten to take what food all of us brought too! :D
lemme introduce u the best food ever ;;
SIEW YOK! omg omg my fav!

& then..
fried rice
curry chicken
hot cross bun from Melb! *YUMMS!*
bamboo sticky rice from Laos! *YUMMY x2*
miku pao!
umm wait, i think this is "heh bii" which is, "XIA MI"?
aka prawn rice? lol okay whatever idk what's it call in english :s
cha siew pao
loh mai kai and more kuih-muihs
and lastly, FRUITS!

mmmm, just by describing all of it makes me hungry all over again!
i shall crave my food now, ciao everyone!
& Happy Cheng Ming! :D

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