Thursday, June 23, 2011

my new Sketchers baby!

okay, as everyone knows that the Sketchers got this new brand new shoes called the, Shape-Ups eh? :) & yes! FINALLY.. finally i've got myself one! jyeah!

So what's the use of it? mmm, shape up? hahaha. tone everything up and have film butt!

*everyone loves to complain that i have no butts. yes memang pun i no butt :/ HEEHEE. *

"Shape up while u walk or jog" - this is what i want! meheheheheh
new baby that costs me RM399! :)
it looks really simple though, but i really love black.
black matches everything! there's this brown one too, papa asked me to get the brown one but still, i love black more so yeah :P
shape-ups, shape-ups! IM GONNA FILM MY BUTT UP WOOHOO!
not forgotten to read this again, they're actually good cause they can help burn calories! *which every females are dying to do*, tone ur fats into muscles! and improve ur postures too!

so what are you waiting for? GO GO GO GET ONE! :D

if ure thinking of getting one, don't forget to get these too!
its the shoe re freshener (ocean smell) for only RM10 :)

LASTLY, watch this instructional video! it only takes 5 minutes and 39 seconds of your life :B

till then, xx

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