Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant, Ampang !

HARRO PEEPOS! i'm back again. at the moment.
having a one week sem break now but.. no joy, yet.
gotta go back to coll for dance practices and projects. #LeSigh
anyway! how is everyone doing? GOOD? :D
mine was good. at least i have le awesome classmates to get me out of the bored-ness in class. they're all my heroes and heroines :')

am gonna update a lil about event again :)
this time ain't Hennessy, Johnnie Walker but, a food review that i attended last 2 weeks :3 hahaha.

have any of you guys tried the Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant at Ampang?
holymoly let me tell you what's tempting there.
ENVIRONMENT, FOODS, PEOPLES, TOILET, LIQUORS, BEERS and the most beautiful CHANDELIER! (will show you in awhile ;) )

do enlarge the pic and check their menu k!

the night was treating me too good. free foods, free desserts and free coronas :p
(and we actually had a few buckets! if i'm not mistaken hahaha)
so yeah, this is the chandelier that i mentioned earlier. isn't it pretty? :')
in my house, my room and toilet hmph.. or my body, maybe?
you seeeee! SO PRETTY!
okay this is so off topic.. I SHALL CONTINUE THIS NEXT TIME! luuulz.
oh yes, meet my babe Wong Pabo :P
so you know la har.. whenever girls are bored or they haven't met each other for quite sometimes, this will eventually happen..
okay okay just a few is more than enough hehe.
we shall continue with the foods now! 
this is some kind of popiah skin that you should be eating it with ...
THIS! (sorry guys i can't remember what is this called. i'm really bad at food's names
T___________T )
BEEF RIBS! you guys should try. it's really good. and most importantly i can chew them. they're quite soft? also, together with the salads and baked potatoes! it's HEAVEN.
Mussels in Coriander & Habanero. not too spicy, CHUN!
oh god. this is ze bomb. Jalapeno Chilli Poppers!
somehow it looks like fishcake but nope. it's deep fried green chilli peppers! or whatever people call it. i didn't manage to take a pic of how it actually looks like in there. like seriously pabo and i didn't even wanna look at it as we think it's really disgusting. we ain't no fans of chillis or peppers! :/ but surprisingly it wasn't spicy AT ALL. i mean.. yeah in the end i still ate the whole thing lol. but anyway, this is the main dish that YOU MUST ORDER! you'll be surprised! no harm trying :)
and this is just some normal chicken strips hahahaha.
DESSERTS that you won't be able to resist!
Tiramisu, Cakes, Ice-Creams, Brownies.
very mouth watering i know! XD

before i forgot, there's this salsa dancing session too when we were having our dinner.
few of us were dragged out tho.. it was quite fun :p spinn and spin and spin!
oh hii can you see me? lolol. there're more photos of me playing other games but I CAN'T FIND THEM. anyone of you know? tell me puhlease :( I NEED TO SEE THEM! 
and so the event ended with lotsa lotsa fun :) okay at least i was daring enough to try out all their activities and games :p haha.
picture with the MHB's girls. Wilee, Naomi and Chloe.
also very much thanks to Tim Chew for carrying our bags when we were dancing out there HAHAHA thanks tim! :)
Cinco De Mayo! :)

Thankyou Chloe for bringing me along and also Tim for sending all of us home after the event!
Photos credited to Chloe and Andy Kho :)

so imma stop here. been so long since i last blogged and this is so tiring.. yikes :s


signing off now, xx

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  1. woohoo... good food and great company! Genee why u so lenglui now? :P