Friday, January 30, 2009


okie whatever is it.
i've lost all my previous bloggs
just because i changed the link =.=
im just toooo confused abt this site
lmao. ><
and so well, im gonna create this new 1 again =x
forgive me!! for those who linked me up !

okie, firstly. i din feel really well these days
too many thgs happened ~
chinese new year. owb quit ft.island. chinese new year. owb QUIT FT.ISLAND !!
im soo sad when i heard abt this newss~
오원빈~ why did u leave ?
are those rumours TRUE ?
pls let us primadonna knows .
most of ur fans know that ure leaving the band
none of them stay calmed !
EVERYONE of us gone crazy and dissapointed and of cuz, SAD!!! =(
* OWB leave = nomore FT.ISLAND *
even theres this new member sung seung hyun joined in ..
after u leave, we could NEVER hear ur singing, rapping and guitar ANYMORE ..
is FOREVER ... rite? :(

FT아일랜드; 오원빈, 제발 행복하게! 사랑해 !!

2.17am- 30/1/09

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