Saturday, February 28, 2009

im back :D

after the long break
finally im back here again
LOL :]
im sry cuz im gone for weeks .
because my blog was soo confusing
and i just cant remember what my previous blog's p/w is 0.0
thats soo sucks!
urgh~ X__X

after the long break
schl exams are finally over too.
*toast* xD
butthen i still envy those pros from the science class
24 hours facing book only
their eyes are forever facing the books =x
idk why i cant do it.
i could be phycho for that i guess
haha o.o"

and oh~ valentines day are also over
im so suprised that i get valentine presents from new schlmates
but still, thanks them :)
i appreciated them.

yesterday, i was TOO bored.
so i went youtube to find music videos .
and oh!
i found someone who actually plays the piano of my fav song :]
after i seen her playing it.
goshh! i guess i felt in love with piano 0.0
and so, i just wanna rush to the music shop
and grab a piano back to my room .
sounded so silly~ but that idea just came up to my mind all of a sudden.
ahahha LOL =X

this was the song im talking about :D
a kinda famous korean awesome boyband.

the lyric of the songs are beautiful :)
im trying my best to learn how to sing it.
but still, super duper hard ~
urgh hope i can sucessfully sing that song 1 day :D
hwaiting hwaiting!
hohoho :]
BTW! enjoy listening it.

again, its time for me to say bye.
hope my blog never dies x]
annyeong everyone :D

11.57pm - 28/2/09

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