Tuesday, April 28, 2009

roasted me :(

im too tired to write a long blog today
but still, gonna write what happened .
tuesday's class usually ends at 2.30pm
but the ms lee nvr let us out on time
and so, we only get to get out of the class at around 3pm
when i got out the schl, i nvr see my grandfather nor neighbour there ~
i was wondering whether do they still rmb me staying in schl ?
hahhaa. and so, jia sin borrowed her phone to me to phone my grandpa
but guessed what, home and my grandpa nvr return my call x__x
noone is gonna ans the phone i guessed -.-
then i walked home alone lohh --
woooow, none of u can imagine how hot is the sun at 3pm !
i walked from bsd2 to my home gate without any SHADES.
and also, im half roasted, sweating & screaming for help on the way home.
walked half way, almost fainted there too
plus those indians wew-ing there~ OMG, they're too free izit ? =="
sobz, the heatness of the sun could have killed me~ urghh -.-"
i just hope superman will appear to save me, but ended up ntg happens -.- lol.
and finally reached home at 3.40pm.
weew, finally im out of the sunlight and the heatness !
*a-lle-lu-yah! what a relief* xP
once i've reached home, immediately had a bad headache and also whole body were heating like the foods in the microwave >< its killing me !!
wooooooh~ x[

okie, im done here :) tireddddddd laa =x
and oopss ! i din realise my blog is again LONG.
hahaha sowieeee :p

- dun walk home esp hot days. (u may faint)
- im not independent. thats why i said is lonely =X

im OUT of here.
love & hugs :)

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  1. ahahahahahaha

    my school finishes at 2 max XDDD