Monday, April 27, 2009

swimm :)

last night i slept at 4am and woke up at 9.30 to get prepared for tuition at 10.
weew, it was really damnnn tiring and sleeeepy .
u guys might ask/scold me for staying up late
but all i can say is, i was rushing my maths tuition work ><
in the progress, im also in msn chatting wif bunches of ppl, and thats why =X
my fault, haha :p
but even if its late, im okay with it. its not my 1st time ma :) hehe.
and oh! thx chengyee also for helping me out wif my maths work in the middle of the night
haha i appreciated it :) THANKS !
besides, also thanks joe and junior for entertaining me when im almost found dead in my work..
heart u guys :)
today went to my club to swim. at uhm, subang old airport ?
yeah is far, but at least its nearer than my previous hse :D
oh! when im in club also can became camwhore XD
no blames no blames, wahahhaa XD
and yeah, thats the end of today.
soo tired to continue x)
p/s: new pics will upload soon, MAYBE. xD
here are them ! :)

club in subang :)

camwhoring in club XD